April 20th, 2010

How Else Would the Gay AG Chief of Staff Celebrate the Anniversary of Gay Marriage?

TaborIn 1990, Eric Tabor was a candidate for Congress in Eastern Iowa. Jim Nussle defeated him by the narrowest of margins, 50% to 49.8%.

While Tabor lost the election, he landed on his feet by taking a job for Attorney General Tom Miller. Today, Tabor serves as Miller’s Chief of Staff. As was reported by the Des Moines Register, Tabor was arrested for drunk driving last month.

It looks like Tabor, a proud homosexual, partied a little too hard on the evening of April 3rd, the one-year anniversary of the Iowa Supreme Courts ruling that legalized gay marriage. Tabor blew .249, or three times the legal limit when he was picked up on Grand Avenue.

I wonder if Tabor had a little too much to drink at Culver’s gay day after work bash at the capitol, or maybe he was leaving The Blazing Saddle in the east village. I wonder if Courtney Greene offered her services to bail Tabor out like she did Kerry Burt. I mean, isn’t that what all-good employees of the Department of Public Safety do?

Take notice Iowans. You pay these peoples salaries.

No wonder this state is in the condition its in…

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