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January 22nd, 2010

House Candidate Shaw to Run as a Republican

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Written by: The Iowa Republican
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Tom ShawI am pleased to announce that I will be running as a Republican candidate for the Iowa House, District 8, which includes all of Pocahontas and Humboldt counties, the southern half of Kossuth county, and a portion of Webster county. Although my status will be changing from Independent to Republican, I have not changed my core principles and convictions. I am first and foremost a conservative that believes we must return to legislating based on the U.S. and Iowa Constitutions.

My wife and I have made this decision after much careful prayer and consideration. We are making this decision because we have been inspired recently by the courageous actions of State Rep. Kent Sorenson and the Iowa Family Policy Center in standing up to those morally compromised Republican Party leaders that caused us to leave the party and become independents in the first place—just like so many of you. The leadership Sorenson and IFPC have demonstrated has convinced us there are too many issues at stake for Iowa’s future to further confuse voters by running as an independent at this time, because it’s clear that grassroots Iowans are rising up to take a stand and we want to join that fight. We must also acknowledge the steadfastness of the Republican Caucus of the Iowa House. However, being a Republican is not an unconditional allegiance for us. Should the party establishment succeed in further marginalizing grassroots Iowans we reserve the right to respond accordingly.

I also want to state up front that I did not receive any promises or favors from the Republican Party of Iowa in return for making this move. In fact, for several months we have rebuffed numerous attempts by the Republican Party to get us to run as Republicans. We are only doing so now for the reasons I just listed.

As your State Representative, I pledge to defend your right to keep and bear arms, to defend against federal encroachment of Iowa’s sovereignty, defend Iowa’s “English Only” and “Right to Work” laws, defend Iowans from excessive, unjustified and punitive taxation, defend traditional marriage, and defend the authority of local school boards. I believe that life begins at conception and recognize that the right to life must be defended.

I have faithfully and honorably served my country for twenty years in the U.S. Navy, my community as Chief of Police, and would be honored to serve you in the Iowa House of Representatives.

I look forward to supporting my positions against my challenger in the upcoming primary season.

Tom Shaw

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