March 4th, 2010

Hey Maynard, Don’t Let the Door Hit you in the…

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Written by: Battleground Iowa
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By Emily GeigerMaynard

The Des Moines police officer who is charged with an attempted sexual assault while on duty is now appealing the city’s decision to terminate his employment. Former DMPD officer Maynard Richardson accumulated six department policy violations during his relatively short tenure and was already suspended on one occasion months before the recent assault accusations came to light.

But, having no shame, Maynard and his media whore attorney Alfredo Parrish decided to hold a press conference to talk about how Maynard was wrongfully terminated, and they should have maybe had him do counseling or given him a temporary suspension.

Um, when someone is entrusted with the safety of the citizens of a city, and he violates that trust by attempting to assault a woman who he was called to protect from a domestic violence situation, he deserve a little more than counseling or a suspension.

I know, I know, innocent until proven guilty and all that. But that’s the standard for a criminal conviction. The standard for getting fired is not anywhere near proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Obviously, the police department administrators have a lot of information that we don’t have yet, and I highly doubt they would fire an officer without plenty of proof that this guy was a bad apple. If they did, they’d get sued. Just ask Alfredo Parrish. I’m sure he’d be first in line to cry foul.

If “they should have given me counseling” is the best you can come up with the Johnny Cochran wannbe as your attorney, you’ve got problems.

I’m guessing the DMPD is more than happy to be rid of this guy… before it turned into something even worse.

Anybody remember Creston?

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