March 24th, 2010

HD 8 Primary Gets Complicated

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Written by: Krusty Konservative
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Capitol DomeI have some errands to run today so this will be short and sweet.

There are a lot of legislative primaries this year to keep an eye on. I’ll weigh in on those next week. As I started looking at the primaries, one really jumped out at me, the primary in HD 8.

When Dolores Mertz decided not to run for reelection, the stakes in this primary were raised significantly. Former independent candidate Tom Shaw is challenging Steve Richards in the Republican primary. The matchup is basically a mini version of the Vander Plaats vs. Branstad race.

Deace and Vander Plaats support Shaw. Richards has been made out to be worse than Mary Mascher err, I mean Terry Branstad. Anyway, what got my attention wasn’t anything that Richards or Shaw did; it was that there is another candidate in the race, Alissa Wagner.

I don’t know a thing about her, but I’m sure she is more attractive that either Shaw or Richards. I also think that an overly negative campaign could turn off voters, which could have people voting for an alternative candidate. Enter Wagner.

It looks like the mini Vander Plaats vs. Branstad race just got its Rod Roberts.

Since we are talking about HD 8. None of the Democrat leaders in the House showed up to Rep. Mertz’ retirement party last week. While they were a no-show, Republican leadership in the House was present. Basically, House Democrats gave Mertz the middle finger for all of her years of service. Their lack of class could come back to haunt them if they ever need her assistance in the district. Who knows, maybe they have already written off HD 8.

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