February 14th, 2010

Happy Valentine’s Day 2020: A Look Back On The Sexual Revolution, Iowagate And The Freedom Fiasco


For Iowans it’s been quite a decade. Just ten years later after “Iowagate” made Iowa an even more infamous destination than Bourbon Street in New Orleans and the Vegas strip if not by glitter and lights, by enabling the largest sexual revolution in world history.

What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but the “Freedom Fiasco” started in Iowa in 2009 and ignored in the 2010 state elections catapulted Iowa into Sodom and Gomorrah infamy. The current 2020 Iowa state motto says it all so… “Iowa, Where Everything Feels Good.”

The changes the last 10 years have been so drastic and influential it seems no one would have predicted how far a culture could have rocketed into a new direction.  The people of Iowa having their insatiable tolerance for overbearing government are credited to having helped change everyday life as we know it simply by redefining key words.

Many pop culture historians agree these post “Iowagate” inspired ”Freedom Fiasco” redefinitions may have started with marriage, but their trend permeated and overflowed into professional baseball, educational television, entertainment laws and M.O.O.D. clothing.  Redefining words have affecting our societal mores tremendously as Iowa’s apathetic voters tossed the snowball that started this avalanche trend of government dominance enough to spin every founding father’s grave in the wake of “Iowagate’s” aftermath.

If you remember accurately “Iowagate” was essentially two things.  The doors were kicked open on defining marriage as anything with anyone and allowing runaway courts to steal everyday freedoms in an ongoing government interference journey dubbed as “The Freedom Fiasco,” redefining our lives ever since.  Depending on the lobbyist of the day you could expect a new lost of liberty.

Back then in 2010 at first many Iowa voters thought the marriage issue wasn’t relevant and not worth their time in defending.  The key factor is they did not understand the ripple effect of how by ignoring the issue as voters, they enabled runaway courts, a manipulated legislative house and rollover executive branches to cave in on their weakening constitution.

Little did the world know then how much Iowa could ultimately effect the definition of marriage not only in Iowa, but America and the world.  Little did we know back then really how important retaining the definition of a word was, a word like marriage as God created it for a purpose according to the bible.

Just 10 years ago when the question of freedom and liberty was introduced as part of the importance of definition of marriage dilemma voters passed it off as if it did not matter.  Most voters did not recognize how liberty was interconnected.   Looking back now it’s obvious to determine that not keeping our courts in check and allowing them to legislate from the bench was indeed the picked lock that let morality’s chicken’s loose all over the proverbial perverted farm.

It was the Iowa court debacle that marriage was ultimately redefined in Iowa to include any same sex union.  The within just a few years, threesome advocates from the organization “Many Iowa” lobbied all levels of government so well that they won landmark decisions redefining marriage once and for all leading the way to  redefining some of the most seemingly concrete terms in society.

What was once a romantic and often sacred fun filled holiday for anyone in love, Valentine’s Day has become a worldwide marti gras celebrating every imaginable pagan lust known to man, animal and object.

“Timely” magazine editors from all political persuasions agree that the following events form the past decade outline just how far we have come with key redefinitions shaping our culture since “Iowagate.” They include:

2013 – Little League Baseball ruled foul balls to be scored as home runs so kids would be encouraged, since the ball did technically go over the fence.  In an unprecedented gesture of promoting equality and fairness, Major League Baseball followed the trend just three years later to support declining ticket sales.

2015 – ‘M.O.O.D.’ clothing (Make Out On Demand) allowed people to determine the sexual libido interest of anyone walking down the street.  No need for adult websites with members seeking hookups when your shirt sent you a text message called a “test message” of those in arm’s distance willing to test a mutually satisfying sexually experiment together.

2016 – Famed education cartoon character Dora the Explorer “came out of the closet” announcing her attraction and affection with things found in her closet.  She made television history by showing kids how she masturbated with her long time companion “the Map”.

2017 – SNL parodied a skit where the entire cast of Sesame Street had an orgy.  Soon after when the viral satire hit everyone’s ipod, after office hour “sesame office parties” became a nationwide craze as office workers acted out their sexual fantasies in a legal and safe environment off the clock.  This managed “freedom” successfully limited sexual harassment cases and saved large corporation millions in lawsuits.

2018 – Not only was Ronnie Moe the first open gay democratic nominee for Presidential office, Ronnie’s open past and tolerance for “object attraction orgies” was the controversial factor boosting the candidate’s rise in popularity claiming that sexual freedom should be America’ foremost freedom.   While the public was obsessed with discovering the actual gender of the ‘he or she’ Ronnie, the term G.U. for “Gender Unit” was introduced into society in an effort to exercise non discrimination for gender mysterious people, thus satisfying the politically left who masqueraded as freedom activists.

2019 – Star of the hit Disney show “Virtual Audition” and second only to Hannah Montana in worldwide worth for a teen pop star, Samantha Pink legally performed a concert totally nude the day before her 18th birthday to a televised audience of mostly children.

Need I continue with the examples of moral decay since 2010…

Ironically the movement that claimed to be all about an individual’s rights in hindsight actually was one of the most detrimental influences to freedom and liberty in American history.   A decade ago when claimed to be about marriage equality, civil rights and safe schools they seemingly got their way for a season, but those three elements are arguably some of the more lax liberty issues in America today.  The entire result of their stated cause backfired, while in another sense they did get everything they wanted and more to boot, since if they wanted to now – they could marry a boot.

This February 2020 is the also third anniversary of changing its name to appropriately giving a farewell homage and respect to the now defunct and ever dead idea of an existing republican party while tapping into the ever popular wave of the equalitarian way of life.  Sorry Abe, it was good while it lasted!

Back in the days of the 2010 elections chronicled the soap opera string of events that led to a moderate governor being elected and subsequently several less than principled Iowa state representatives and senators.  You know what happened after that.  Need I mention the historic government property seizing of 2012 and the sexual equalitarian laws that ensued.  Not to mention the largest government size and spending proportional to any state in the union.   Who knew then all that was ignored would ruin Iowa forever?

Who knew back then how influential Tim Gill’s money would be in politics in a state he didn’t even live in?   Now Gill’s cable channel, “Whatever” is a multibillion dollar enterprise.  Who knew back then in 2010 how adamant Gronstahl was and how much clout and power he would be willing to actually use?  I don’t need to explain to anyone where this got him today.  Just read a newspaper, will ya.

If only the Republicans, the Christians or the tea partiers back in the day would have seen this revolution coming and took up their beliefs and convictions seriously enough, perhaps they could have changed the course of history and been more like the type of founding fathers they claimed they admired.

That is all behind us now as Iowa has led the way to a sexual revolution legally allowing and by example encouraging the entire notion of anything goes. In fact it was right after 2010 when a simple group of 40 objectum sexuals from the U.K. took Tim Gills’ lead and singled out Iowa to become the Objectum Sexual Capital of the world.

Here from Algore’s Internet time capsule site is their link how you would have learned about them back then in 2010…

Today personally for me it is a bit of nostalgia just as in 2010 I celebrated my 20th Valentine’s Day with my wife, today in 2020 we celebrate our 30th Valentine’s Day together.  I just wish the Valentine’s Day cards sold today did not offer messages and graphics that begged affection from an object or a group of polygamist wives.  Call me old fashioned, but I am still glad I one man with one woman.

Yep, the fear propaganda comeback back in 2010 was, “How is my same sex marriage threatening your one man, one woman marriage?”  Well the argument worked for a season, but backfired on all our freedoms when state courts one by one all across American legislated and executed from the bench fueling Obama’s socialism régime.

I’m just glad that governors of both Georgia and Alabama have endured enough liberty leadership to make their states a safe haven for those in traditional marriages to enjoy the protection from harassment they deserve in “a equalitarian society.”  So this is my last TIR, I mean ‘TIE’ article as an Iowan.  To attempt to live freely in my pre-2010 marriage I must move south where my family is better accepted and legally protected.

Ironically the same rights back in 2010 of marriage rights, civil rights and safe schools are the same thing us traditional married people are now fighting for as the country’s minority.  I guess this irony is literally 2020 hindsight now.

God, I hope this fiction remains fiction…

[youtube 3EItEuVpJTg]

Titus 2:11-14

11For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men. 12It teaches us to say “No” to ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives in this present age, 13while we wait for the blessed hope—the glorious appearing of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ, 14who gave himself for us to redeem us from all wickedness and to purify for himself a people that are his very own, eager to do what is good.

Comments are welcome, but they do prove it this fiction made you think!

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