March 18th, 2010

Gronstal Shops for Issues his Democrats Can Campaign On

gronstalfoodsweetfoodbankofiowaSupreme Potentate, Sen. Mike Gronstal, must have found a little time in the abbreviated legislative session to meet with his team of campaign advisors, or at least his direct mail vendor. It’s obvious that they told him that he’s screwed and doesn’t have any good legislation to run on. Why else would he revive the concealed weapons bill?

For decades, the process to get a permit to carry a firearm has been mired by politics. Basically it has been left up to the sheriff in a county to decide if you are worthy of a permit. The sheriff in Greene County might issues permits to carry for almost everyone who asks for one, while the sheriff in Boone County might not issue any.

Even worse, when you have to deal with a politician (all sheriffs are elected in Iowa) to get a permit sometimes stings are attached. You know how it works. Even though it’s never spoken, we all know there are a lot of winks and nods when it comes to stuff like this. Maybe you purchase some tickets to a fundraiser in support of the sheriff’s office or donate to his/her reelection campaign before you submit your paper work.

Having a process that is equally administered across the state is a good idea, and the only fair way to do it.

What I found interesting was one of Supreme Potentate Gronstal’s comments in the Des Moines Register.

Gronstal, D-Council Bluffs, said he decided to revive the idea because of concerns that the current process is too subjective. “We have a situation in the state of Iowa – 99 counties and 99 sets of criteria,” he said. In some counties, he said, almost anyone who applies gets a permit. In other counties, almost no one but law enforcement officers can get one.

I guess we can take from this that Gronstal has also changed his position on local control of agriculture in the state. Currently, Iowa regulates agriculture on a statewide basis. That too is a good thing. Yet, Democrats like Mike Gronstal think that counties and local governments should be able to place restrictions on agriculture.

Gronstal doesn’t care about looking like a hypocrite; he just cares about winning elections. Get ready for your mailbox to be flooded with pro-2nd Amendment flyers. There is no doubt that this bill will become law since the NRA A-Rated Chet Culver will gladly sign this puppy.

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