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September 15th, 2010

Grassley Calls on Conlin’s to Refund Taxpayers $1.28 Million they Recieved in Federal Stimulus

Ever since the passage of the Democrats failed stimulus package that saddled Americans with almost a trillion dollars in new debt, there have been widespread reports of abuse.  From a ‘tunnel to nowhere’ to international ant research, projects across the country have wasted untold amounts of taxpayer dollars – and now we can see it happening right here in Iowa.

Yesterday, Iowa House Republican Leader Kraig Paulsen asked the State Auditor’s office to review the circumstances surrounding a real estate company owned by Roxanne and James Conlin receiving more than $1 million in federal stimulus money to purchase an apartment building from its previous owners.

And just who were those previous owners?  Roxanne and James Conlin.

The money, awarded by Democrat Governor Chet Culver, was designed by the federal government to stimulate the economy and create new jobs.  There’s no way Roxanne Conlin can say that taxpayers received a penny’s worth of value from the money spent to purchase a building that she and her husband already owned.

No wonder she supported the stimulus program; she personally profited from it and she cannot point to a single job being created due to the taxpayer funding of her purchase of an apartment complex from herself. Conlin complains that one of her biggest reasons for running is to end bailouts for business and tax breaks for the wealthy, while taking $1.28 million in stimulus dollars directly into her pocket.

I’m asking the Conlins to return this money, and I hope you’ll join me.  Co-sign this letter asking the Conlins to return the $1.28 million in taxpayer money they used to purchase an apartment building from themselves.

Bob Renaud
Grassley Works Campaign Manager

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