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August 18th, 2010

Governor Culver’s “mistakes” underscore his failed leadership.

Governor Chet Culver told attendees at the Iowa State Fair yesterday he has made some mistakes in his first term as Iowa Governor. Iowans for Tax Relief President, Ed Failor, Jr. said today, “Really? Mistakes? Once again Governor Culver is sugar-coating the truth of his inability to lead our great state by calling these massive problems ‘mistakes’ when they are truly failures of leadership.”

Failor continued, “When is Governor Culver going to admit his failed leadership has caused the state to face a one-billion dollar budget gap? A billion dollar budget gap is more than a mistake.”

“Governor Culver needs to admit to Iowa taxpayers all the ways his leadership has failed us. What about the fact there are more Iowans out of work today than there were last year? Where are the jobs the Governor said were to be created from the I-Jobs Program? How about how Governor Culver has failed Iowans by causing property taxes to increase by not fulfilling commitments to schools and local governments?”

“Even more, Governor Culver has put Iowa taxpayers into generational debt. This flies in the face of Iowa values. I doubt any Iowa families have willingly put their own families into debt which will take an entire generation to pay off. With mistakes like this, I hope Governor Culver is not in charge of his family budget.”

Failor finished, “Why is Governor Culver not telling Iowans how he is going to correct his mistakes? Culver’s lack of management of our state has plummeted Iowa taxpayers into a deep pool of debt and hard-working Iowa families cannot afford any more of his incompetence.”

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