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November 24th, 2010

Government Gone Wild

I bet the headline made you think I was going to talk about the TSA touching junk all over America.  Well, you are partially right.  Like a lot of clear thinking conservatives, I believe my values are just plain common sense, but, I constantly find myself incredulous with what I see out of government.  I love reading news on the internet.  No, I don’t read blogs, and try to stay away from opinion pieces.  Instead, I prefer news of actual events.  Since I constantly find myself in disbelief at what I read, I thought I would simply start bookmarking articles that made my head spin.  Well, in seven short days, I bookmarked thirty-five articles.  It seems that when you are looking for stupid things the government does, we live in a target rich environment.

Lame Duck Session of Congress

I love Joe Paterno.  I even love Penn State football, but it seems to me that this lame duck congress has slightly more important things to do than to spend time honoring the great “Joe Pa” for his 400th win.  Perhaps they could have worked on important things like who gets what office?  Oh, they did that.  Maybe, just maybe, they could have even worked on determining the income tax rates which will change in five short weeks.  How much money will be wasted by companies, accountants and the government to change their systems and paperwork, then to change it again?  Of course, the much bigger issue is that no-one knows what their tax rates will be in a little over a month.  I realize that many in congress dislike successful business people, but it is those business people who are making their plans for 2011 right now, and they are unlikely to include a lot of hiring if they cannot even trust congress to provide their 2011 tax rates.  Honestly, I haven’t seen such a waste of legislative time since I stopped in at the Capitol in Des Moines last February to witness a life and death discussion about…wait for it…puppy mills!  That reminds me…another important issue the congress has dealt with in the lame duck session is a resolution on crush videos.  These are videos where women crush small animals with their feet and record it for someone’s viewing pleasure.  I know when I think about the priorities for congress, these are the issues that are always at the top of the list…not!

Sorry Charlie

Charlie Rangel was found guilty of eleven of thirteen ethics charges this past week.  His defense included ignorance of the tax laws and that he didn’t personally benefit.  I have two responses.  First, liberals always want to be judged on their intentions…he didn’t personally enrich himself he says.  However, for the rest of us, we are not judged on intentions, we are judged on results.  If I could not pay my taxes and just get a verbal beat down if caught, I’d be tempted try that every year.  My second response is that Congressman Rangel was chairman of the tax writing committee.  If brilliant liberals like Rangel and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner can’t figure out their taxes, perhaps the tax code is far too cumbersome or they are criminals…or most likely, both!

By the way, I suspect it was a close call on whether they would find him guilty of “Conduct Reflecting Discredibility on the House.”  For many of them, this behavior is simply part of the perks of the office.

Junk Gate

Now, the TSA stories:  of course, all of the news related to the TSA “junk-gate” has to do with the incredible invasion of privacy either real or imagined.  I’ve seen a variety of outrageous videos and stories including  a screaming three year old girl being touched all over.  I suspect like all normal families, this girl has been told by her parents to not let anyone, I mean anyone, touch her like that.  Then there was a bladder cancer survivor who wears a urostomy bag (to collect urine) who tried to tell the TSA agent about his situation, but they did not listen and they broke its seal with the obvious result.  Next, came a ten year-old boy who had to take his shirt off for the world to see.  Finally, there is the picture of the nun on the Drudge Report who had a hand in her robe and the list goes on.

I am glad the press is reporting on this, but one thing they seem to be missing is even more concerning.  On Saturday, I watched President Obama speak from Lisbon about the TSA pat-downs and he indicated it was the result of the Christmas day bomber.  I can’t help but be reminded that this incident happened eleven months ago, and we are just now getting around to looking for crotch friendly explosives?  If this invasion of my nether regions is necessary now, it certainly had been necessary for the last eleven months, but big Sis didn’t seem to be in a big hurry.  I guess the only other question I have about this is, what is an appropriate tip for a TSA agent after they’ve gotten the full Monty?

Headline of the Week

One of my favorite headlines in the past week was “Obama panel probes stimulus waste – at the Ritz Carlton.”  Honestly, I can’t make this stuff up.

There are many other things that made me crazy, from a boy being banned from riding his bike to school with an American flag on it to men being banned from playing chess in a New York park, but those will have to wait.  However, I can’t let this week pass without a celebration of the 10 month anniversary of the closing of that evil place we know as Gitmo.  What’s that you say?  It’s not closed?  Well, I know it was to be closed by January 20th, 2010. The President promised and I’ve not heard anything in the press about it for months.  I just assumed it was closed.  Ok, never mind.  How about Happy Thanksgiving instead?

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