April 22nd, 2010

Gobs of Jobs 2nd Only In Dirtiness Factor To Being Chet Culver’s Chief of Staff


Fish gutter, catfish noodler, septic tank technician, worm castings rancher, roadkill collector, garbage collector/recycling separator, shark catcher/tagger, car recycling, sewer inspector, disaster cleanup crew member, demolition worker, pig farmer, removing chewing gum from sidewalks, pigeon droppings removal, baby chicken sexer, beer brewer, oyster harvester, exterminator vexcon, crab fisherman, blacksmith/farrier, surfboard maker, beekeeper, sludge recycler, hot tar roofer, house movers, coffee plantation, marine mammal rescuer, ostrich wrangler, zoo keeper, cheese maker, volcanic ash mud bath mixer, shrimper, mudbug harvester (crawfish), tire recyclers, cob home builder, beekeeper, biodiesel man, pet groomer, micro-algae man, charcoal maker, chimney sweeper, underwater logger, scrap metal recycler, marble miner, owl vomit collector, cattle rancher cow breeding, turkey farmer, potato farmer, waste water sewage plant, sugarcane mill, alligator farmer, cow feed mill, mushroom farmer, storm drain cleaner, drain cover foundry, plumber, drilling mud, rough necker oil drilling, concrete spreader, termite exterminator, concrete truck cleaner, food recycler/pig farmer, oyster shucker, terra cotta facade maker, cracklin and boudin sausage maker, cleaning animal skulls, geoduck farmer, kc-135r stratotanker fuel tank cleaner, fish taxidermist, shark suit tester, salvage technician, coal miner, basalt quarry, hippopotamus keeper, cow hoof trimmer, mussel farmer, taro farmer, alpaca shearer, vervet monkey rehabilitator, bait and lobster fisherman, lake erie seaweed cleanup, lake erie water snake researcher, concrete stamping, penguin keeper, blood worm digger, stamford hurricane barrier zinc anode changer, bell maker, demolition/gutting, rodent control, mosquito control and poison testing, tree trimmer and stump grinder, fainting goat farmer, exotic insect breeder, surveying salmon spawning grounds, snake researcher, wine barrel maker, logging with mules, bowie baysox groundskeeper, placing boat moorings, geothermal well driller, wine cave digger, baggage handler, incinerator for trash from international flights, salt miner, wine maker, cattle feed farmer,  hydroseeding, cleaning the inside of the boilers of the steam yacht medea, mackinac island horse manure and garbage removal/composting, h5n1 avian influenza testing, goose tagging , artificial reef maker, goat milk soap maker, frac tank refurbisher, cleaning barbecue smoker, large animal veterinarian, removing underground fuel oil storage tank, recycling Mississippi river barge, steel mill worker, cave biologist, hagfish fisherman, cedar shake and shingle maker, buoy tender, handmade brick maker; cranberry harvesting; cranberry jam, jelly, and syrup maker, mining and bird rehabilitation at searles lake, rice milling , kc-135r stratotanker fuel tank cleaner and boom operator, stamford hurricane barrier zinc anode changer, storm drain cleaner, artificial insemination cow midwife, erosion control technician, aerial tram maintenance, turkey artificial insemination, cleaning up diesel spill, salvaging truck from bottom of lake, wind turbine generator technician, garbage removal from sinkhole, printing press operator, making shampoo from mud, horse castration, yak and bison rancher, potato chip maker, effluent channel building cleaner at wastewater treatment plant, cutting concrete wall, sheep shearing, docking and castrating lambs, leech trapping, making raw meat dog food out of green tripe, demolishing a mobile home, making mannequins, cleaning diesel fuel from dirt, harvesting hops, making vellum from goat skin, transplanting a saguaro, maggot farmer, cleaning the bottom of lake Waramaug, making and cross pollinating gourds, bologna maker, incinerating toilet cleaner, abandoned mineshaft plugger, excavator at the la brea tar pits, dead cow renderer, walnut harvester, goose and duck feather plucker and dresser, olive oil presser, cloth diaper cleaner, suet bird food maker, spider collector and venom extractor, recovering derelict boats, recycling mattresses, high-rise window washer, viewer mail: brine tank cleaner, alligator snapping turtle researcher, recycling toilets, dromedary camel dairy, tofu maker, dung beetle researcher, rocky reach dam: changing main shaft packing and oil on water turbine, tagging salmon with acoustic tags, shrink wrapping a boat to protect it during winter, reindeer farmer, dying shirts with red dirt from kauai, fireworks maker, clam harvester, worm grunter, recycling used paint, maple syrup maker, animal control specialist trapping and releasing skunks and catching feral chickens are some jobs that rank 2nd only in the dirtiness factor than being Chet Culver’s chief of staff.

No offense to the hard working Americans who work on the jobs listed above in comparing them to Culver’s chief of staff.

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