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January 28th, 2010

Gibbons Response to the State of the Union: Boswell Remains Out of Touch With Iowans

GibbonsJim Gibbons, Republican candidate for Congress in Iowa’s Third Congressional District responded to Leonard Boswell’s comments on the State of the Union Address. Mr. Boswell claims that the economy was steady and that he and Nancy Pelosi were working on passing another government spending bill when he said, “we are on more stable ground as a country.” and “I will work with my colleagues in Congress to pass more robust legislation.”

“I do not understand how Leonard Boswell can claim that the economy is on stable ground. With national unemployment above 10% and a significant number of Iowa home mortgages underwater, I would not say that the economy is stable. Clearly Leonard Boswell has spent too much time in Washington and not enough time back home in Iowa,” said Jim Gibbons.

In his press release, Boswell stated that he and his friends in Congress will be working to pass “robust” legislation that would impact the economy. This follows a failed $787 billion bailout bill supported by Boswell, which has not kept unemployment under 8% as promised.

“I am running for Congress to bring responsible and limited government back to Washington. It’s time for this era of reckless spending to be over. Iowans need a Congressman who will represent their values and not be in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi,” said Jim Gibbons.

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