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March 8th, 2010

Gibbons: No Way to Govern

Jim GibbonsOne of the fundamentals of good government is sound fiscal responsibility. The people of Iowa and the rest of this nation work hard for what they earn, and they expect their tax dollars to be used wisely for everyone’s benefit rather than a select few.   Any financial advisor worth his salt tells his clients to live within their means, to not spend more than is earned, to borrow carefully and give serious consideration to any investments.  Following these common-sense principles leads to prosperity and security even during tough economic times.

When government is responsible with taxpayers’ money, entrepreneurs are more likely to take the financial risks to start up a business, to expand, to buy new equipment, and hire more employees. Fiscally responsible politicians understand that when businesses do well, everyone does well. Strong businesses provide job stability and good living wages. When employees make good wages, they spend those wages improving the lives of themselves and their loved one, which in turn helps to keep other businesses strong.  Fiscal responsibility and the resulting economic effect is a program that works.

What we are now experiencing in this country is the fallout from fiscal irresponsibility. Nancy Pelosi and Leonard Boswell, in just a little over a year, have given this country unprecedented deficits, unprecedented borrowing, and unprecedented spending.   And this is just the beginning.  This year, in an election year coincidentally (or maybe not), the majority of the $787 billion in stimulus money is set to be spent by liberals in Washington.  Be prepared for the creation of even more phony jobs, in more phony zip codes – where the majority of job creation will be government jobs.  Indeed, we should all be fearful of the wasteful spending that is set to occur this year, so that liberals in Congress can appear to be “doing something” in the  hopes of being re-elected.  This is no way to run a country.

My friends, it is time for a smaller, less-intrusive government. It is time for a government that views small business as a foundation for jobs, growth, production and prosperity – not a source to be taxed again and again.  Broad tax-cuts are needed to jump start the economy and government spending must be reined-in. Bailouts must stop and the free market, not the government, should determine which businesses succeed. Finally, the federal budget must be balanced.  A working Iowa family must balance their budget every month, and so should our government.

It is time to change course.

Jim Gibbons is running for Congress in the Iowa 3rd Congressional District

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