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April 14th, 2010

Gettemy Sets 2nd District Fundraising Pace


  • Republican candidate for Congress shows $120,000 on hand with seven weeks left in the primary
  • Raises more in one month than any other candidate in race
  • Builds and maintains his war chest for the final 8 weeks–

Today, Rob Gettemy will file his campaign’s report with the FEC, showing more than $125,000 in receipts and over $120,000 cash on hand.
“Our fundraising puts the campaign in an excellent position with less than two months to go in the primary,” said Gettemy. “I’m heartened by the support we’ve received so far but there’s still a lot of work to do.”
In March, the campaign filed more than twice the petition signatures required to get on the ballot, demonstrating organizational strength and catching the attention of campaign observers. Now the campaign shows the financial strength to run an aggressive campaign through the June 8 primary.
“We got a late start to this process and my fellow candidates have all run before,” said Gettemy, “but in just a few short weeks, our support has been phenomenal and I’m proud of the campaign we’re running. Our message is just starting to get out.”
“Voters I talk to want to send a message to Washington – enough is enough. The American people can’t take anymore: the healthcare bill that adds 16,500 new IRS agents, the trillions in new debt and the inevitable tax hikes on small businesses. It’s time to bring some sanity back to the Congress. Right now we are on an unsustainable course,” said Gettemy.

Here are the fundraising numbers reported today by the campaign: Total receipts: $128,824 Cash on hand: $120,815
The campaign reported that receipts include a loan from the candidate of $100,000, and $28,824 in money raised from supporters. The amount raised from supporters comes in only one month and far outstrips the one-month total of any other candidate in the race.
“With only a month actively raising money, it’s an impressive start to the campaign and we’re in a great position to get Rob’s message out,” said Campaign Financial Chair Larry Pacha. “Just as he’s run his business and teaches his students, you have to keep a keen eye on the bottom line. We have marshaled our resources for the final push, the primary on June 8.”

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