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June 7th, 2010

Gettemy and Miller-Meeks Tussle on Sunday

The race for the Republican nomination in Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District continues to be heated. Yesterday afternoon, the Gettemy campaign ripped Miller-Meeks for taking a PAC contribution from the American Medical Association because the AMA supported Obamacare. Miller-Meeks fired back by questioning Gettemy’s association with Rob Parsons, the founder of

Rob Gettemy reveals $50,000 donation from AMA to Dr. Miller-Meeks campaign
~Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks gets donation from health care reform proponent~

In a statement released today, Rob Gettemy, conservative Republican candidate for Congress in Iowa’s 2nd District revealed that his opponent, Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks in the past week accepted a donation to her campaign from the American Medical Association in the amount of $50,000:

“According to FEC filings on June 2, 2010, Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks’ campaign accepted a donation of $50,000 from the American Medical Association.

While Dr. Miller-Meeks has sent out mail and made numerous statements about repealing and replacing the Loebsack- Pelosi-Obama health reform legislation, it now appears that she has accepted a significant donation from one of the major supporters of that legislation. President Obama personally thanked the AMA along with the AARP for their support in the passage of the health care reform legislation.”

The AMA represents approximately 25% of the doctors in the United States, and nearly 20% of that membership is made up of medical students.

Gettemy continues:

“To accept such a large donation from a group that was so instrumental in the passage of the health care reform bill that our current Congressman Dave Loebsack also supported, points out that there really is not much difference between Dr. Miller-Meeks and the current liberal Congressman.

I hope that voters in the 2nd District will see that Dr. Marianette Miller-Meeks does say one thing and then does another. Republicans in the 2nd District know they can depend upon me to be a consistent Conservative and that I am the best candidate to face the liberal Dave Loebsack in November.”

Revised statement from Rob Gettemy on Miller-Meeks AMA contribution
~AMA donation still points out that Miller-Meeks wants have all sides to every issue~

Upon learning of the clerical error by the Miller-Meeks campaign, Rob Gettemy issued the following statement:

“Apparently, the Miller-Meeks campaign made a typographical error in reporting the donation from the American Medical Association, and the amount is not the $50,000 as reported.

Whether Dr. Miller-Meeks received $5 or $50,000 from the American Medical Association, the fact still remains that she accepted a contribution from an organization that was specifically cited and thanked publicly by President Obama for their help in the passage of the health care reform bill.

Dr. Miller-Meeks has made “repeal and replace” ObamaCare as a hallmark of her campaign in both print media and in her public appearances. You cannot campaign on the promise to repeal and replace this legislation while accepting any kind of help from the organization that along with the pharmaceutical companies and the insurance industry was most responsible for its passage.

What is the difference between Mariannette and our current liberal Congressman Dave Loebsack? Apparently not as much as Mariannette would like you to believe that there is.

I am a consistent conservative and thus will provide a distinct contrast to Dave Loebsack in the November election.

I would appreciate the support of the voters in Iowa’s 2nd District in the primary on Tuesday, June 8. You will always know where Rob Gettemy stands on any issue and that I will not compromise my principles.”

Miller-Meeks: “For a Guy Who Claims to Have Values, You Can’t Believe a Word Gettemy Says.”

OTTUMWA, Iowa – Over the last three days, Rob Gettemy has slandered Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks via push polls lying about her record on opposing gay marriage. Now, after three documented years of Miller-Meeks campaigning against government-run health care, Gettemy is trying to convince voters of the ridiculous notion that she supports it.

“For a guy who claims to have values, you can’t believe a word Gettemy says. He has no record to run on, nothing positive to say about himself, and has to resort to trashing my family’s good name in the last hours of this campaign to try and eke out a desperate victory. Rob Gettemy is like the old Seinfeld series, his campaign is about nothing,” said Miller-Meeks. “Gettemy should apologize to voters for the ridiculously false push polls he’s conducting that are actively lying to voters about my record, in particular on gay marriage and now health care. I support traditional marriage, and I was running against government-run health care before Rob Gettemy even knew it was an issue. To say that I support ObamaCare gave me a very good laugh, which is how absurd these last minute smears are.”

The only thing Gettemy did get right was a donation from the American Medical Association. The Miller-Meeks campaign caught the typo on Friday evening, but federal election reports can’t be amended after office hours. Therefore a donation by the AMA that was incorrectly listed as $50,000, should actually be listed as $5,000, which is also the legal limit for PAC donations. Regardless, Miller-Meeks is a doctor which is why she has earned the support of fellow doctors.

“If Mr. Gettemy wants to play guilt-by-association, he can explain why he had the owner of a company that uses commercials bordering on pornography, to be the hallmark fundraiser for his campaign last month. That doesn’t sound like the values we need in Congress,” said Miller-Meeks. “Voters should be on the look-out for other false attacks and lies in the remaining hours of this campaign.”

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