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April 7th, 2010

Game On: Today Is The Day For The First Iowa Gubernatorial Debate

kMore exciting than a final game between Duke and Butler? Probably not.  Faster than a speeding bullet?  Probably not.  Able to leap over Obamacare liberals?   Well that depends, but today’s first gubernatorial debate at 1pm is very important for the future of the state of Iowa and should be watched.

Former governor Terry Branstad, state representative Rod Roberts and Sioux City businessman Bob Vander Plaats will stand side-by-side behind one of three podiums in the KTIV studio and take questions from a panel of three journalists, including NewsChannel Four’s Matt Breen.

The debate will also be streamed live at to allow viewers and voters, the chance to hear the candidates uncut and unedited.  It will also be broadcasted from 7 to 8 p.m. on KTIV, KWWL of Waterloo and KTTC of Rochester, Minn. The debate has also been made available to Iowa Public Television.

(Note don’t go to KITV because that is a station in Hawaii.)

“Our stations originally planned to tape the debate on April 7 to air on April 10,” said Jerry Watson, regional vice president of Quincy Newspapers Inc., which owns the station. “Because the debate was a cooperative event involving three Iowa television markets, a number of issues had to be addressed. First, was the candidates’ availability and second was time periods available to air the program on three NBC affiliates. We did not want to pre-empt NBC’s new, popular show ‘Minute to Win It.’ In the end, we felt Iowans should be able to view the debate live as it happens and on the air the very same evening.”

No doubt after all the changes and controversy so far there will be more scheduling updates required for further viewing.

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