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July 27th, 2010

Funk Makes Campaign for Polk County Supervisor Official

To all of my supporters:

First, let me thank each one of you for joining our efforts to steer our country away from irresponsible statist policies and back towards the road map our framers gave us. Many of you made substantial contributions to our campaign—not just with your money, but with your emotions, your time, and your reputations.

Clearly, our campaign helped set the tone and define the debate, not only across Iowa’s Third Congressional District, but across the entire country.

Within fifteen hours of the polls closing on June 8th, the Polk Count y Republican Party leadership reached out to me and asked if I would consider accepting the nomination for Polk County Supervisor in SD-03. It has been 62 years since Republicans have controlled the courthouse in this county, and, in the meantime, Polk County has followed the fiscally unsustainable footsteps of other Democrat-controlled local governments across the country like Buffalo, Detroit, Cleveland, and Chicago.

After conducting polling, planning, issues education, and prayer, my wife and I decided this was a challenge we would accept.

This is a winnable race, and our effort to flip Polk County “red” will require your help. The Iowa and Polk County Republican leadership and our Republican elected representatives are fully behind this effort.

Throughout history, all great change for tyranny has come from the top down. Please join us as we prove once again that great change for liberty comes from the bottom up. Our fight for liberty in Polk County starts here, today.

For Liberty,

Dave Funk
Republican Candidate for Polk County Supervisor (SD-03)

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