June 4th, 2010

Funk Lies to Steve Deace and WHO Audience about Divorce

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Written by: Battleground Iowa
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By Emily Geiger

A little birdie told me that a very interesting question was asked of third congressional district candidates Dave Funk, Pat Bertroche, Scott Batcher, and Jason Lee Welch on WHO radio yesterday afternoon.

Listeners were given an opportunity to call in and ask questions directly to the candidates, and one gentleman asked the candidates about their personal family histories, specifically if they had ever been divorced and if they have ever cheated on a spouse.

Bertroche admitted he was divorced, Batcher and Welch both claimed to be happily married, but the interesting answer (or non-answer as the case may be) came from Dave Funk.

Funk basically avoided the question and vaguely denied having ever cheated on a spouse. However, Funk absolutely avoided stating the fact that he is indeed divorced. From what I hear, he’s currently on wife number two.

I find this interesting because Funk likes to talk a lot about integrity. Not only is he divorced, which inherently raises questions about integrity in a lot of people’s minds, but he boldly misled the listeners about being divorced at all.

The other interesting angle of this story comes to light when you take into account the fact that Funk loves to attack fellow candidate Jim Gibbons on the issue of Gibbons’ residency. Gibbons recently rented an apartment in the 3rd District, but his wife and school-aged daughters are still based in the family home in Perry, Iowa, about 15-20 miles outside of the District. Gibbons also has worked and attended church in the 3rd District for years.

When asked about his residency at events or in interviews, all reports I’ve ever heard state that Gibbons is honest about the issue, stating that he recently moved into an apartment in the district, but that his family home is still in Perry. I think we can all assume that he probably spends a considerable amount of time in Perry with his family. Some people may not like that or may be turned off by that, but at least he tells you the facts.

Funk, on the other hand, when specifically asked whether he had been divorced, misled the public by not mentioning his divorce and lied by omission.

So much for Funk’s candidacy being based on integrity. Hypocrisy is more like it.

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