April 27th, 2010

Franklin Graham – Punished for Speaking the Truth about Islam

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Written by: Battleground Iowa
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By Emily Geigerfranklin-graham

So, evangelist Franklin Graham, son of America’s Pastor Billy Graham, was recently un-invited by the military from activities at the Pentagon celebrating the National Day of Prayer.

Some loud-mouth extremists were upset and demanded the invitation be revoked because of comments Franklin Graham made about the religion of Islam. After the September 11, 2001, terror attacks, Graham took a lot of heat for allegedly referring to Islam as “evil.” Graham wrote in the Wall Street Journal that he did not believe Muslims were evil because of their faith, but “as a minister … I believe it is my responsibility to speak out against the terrible deeds that are committed as a result of Islamic teaching.”

Does anyone think that the deeds of the terrorists carried out in the name of their religion were not evil? I don’t see the problem here.

Recently, Graham made other comments about Islam, which is what appears to have prompted the rescinding of the Pentagon invitation. Regarding people of Islamic faith, he was quoted as saying:

“I want them to know that they don’t have to die in a car bomb, don’t have to die in some kind of holy war to be accepted by God. But it’s through faith in Jesus Christ and Christ alone.”

“I love the people of Islam but their religion, I do not agree with their religion at all. And if you look at what the religion does just to women, women alone, it is just horrid. And so yes, I speak out for women. I speak out for people that live under Islam, that are enslaved by Islam and I want them to know that they can be free.”

Everyone who claims to be a Christian is supposed to believe that faith in Jesus Christ alone is the way to salvation. Why is this so controversial? A Christian evangelist says that Christianity is the only true path to salvation… STOP THE PRESSES!!!!

As for the part about women being treated poorly under Islam, I find it appropriately ironic that the same day Saudi_Arabian_woman_in_Abhathe news broke about Franklin Graham’s un-invitation for these remarks, the following story was also making national headlines.

Saudi Girl, 12, Wins Divorce From 80-Year-Old Husband

This also reminded me of another similar story I remember reading about a month or so ago.

Yemeni child bride dies of internal bleeding

Seriously, what is the fuss here? Is anyone going to argue that women are treated well in Islamic nations? Read what it’s like to be a woman in Saudi Arabia. Come on people. When men engage in polygamy and child rape of young girls who they claims as wives on the Utah/Arizona border, we have the FBI issue warrants for the arrest of the men responsible.

Is it right to punish Franklin Graham for speaking the truth?

No. Of course it’s not.

I guess now, instead of just praying for our troops and our president and legislators on the National Day of Prayer, we also need to pray that our military leaders come to their senses and stop making decisions based on a bunch of over-sensitive Islamic fundamentalist sympathizers.

You’d think the military of all people would understand the truth of Graham’s remarks since they get shot at by these same folks on a regular basis.

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