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August 6th, 2010

Fourteen Years. Fourteen Weeks. Fourteen Reasons Why We Need a New Congressman

Zaun to Highlight Boswell’s Record in Congress over next 14 Weeks.

Brad Zaun, Republican candidate for Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District, made the following statement today:

“My opponent, Congressman Boswell, was first elected to Congress 14 years ago. We have 14 weeks left in this campaign. It’s time to look closely at what Congressman Boswell has done over the past 14 years.”

“Over the next 14 weeks, we’ll be talking to Iowans about Congressman Boswell’s record. Each week, we’ll tell voters in the 3rd District about his record, and it’s impact on their lives. When voters understand his record, they’ll see just how out-of-touch Congressman Boswell has become with their daily struggles and their lives. They will understand 14 reasons we need a new Congressman.”

Reason #1: Boswell is A “Follower”, Not a Leader

Boswell has been listed as a “follower” according to the non-partisan website According to data available on that site, Congressman Boswell ranks near the bottom among his congressional colleagues for leadership in Congress. Boswell has sponsored only 66 bills since January 7, 1997, and 63 never made it out of committee. Only three of Boswell’s bills were successfully enacted…and of those three, two were for renaming federal buildings.

Boswells’ Record, by Congress:

111th Congress:          14 Sponsored              1 Enacted
110th Congress:          20 Sponsored              2 Enacted
109th Congress:          11 Sponsored              0 Enacted
108th Congress:            8 Sponsored              0 Enacted
107th Congress:            6 Sponsored              0 Enacted
106th Congress:            5 Sponsored              0 Enacted
105th Congress           10 Sponsored              0 Enacted

Zaun noted, “Voters in the 3rd District expect their congressman to be a leader, not a follower. And they expect results. When I am elected, I’ll put the 3rd District first…and that means standing up for them every day.”

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