January 15th, 2010

FOLLOW FRIDAY: Select Tweets From IowaGOPer’s Twitter Followers

twit_button_biggerIf you’re on Twitter you may know it is customary to recommend follow worthy friends on Fridays.

Well here is your chance to follow  “The Iowa Republican” if you have yet to already.  If you already follow IowaGOPer why not give us a recommendation by including @IowaGOPer along with the hash tag #followfriday.

Simply give IowaGOPer a plug today on Twitter (by using  the @ sign to begin a direct conversation) @IowaGOPer.  If your question, point, plug, criticism or kudos catches our eye, your comment may be featured in the next FOLLOW FRIDAY installment.

Meanwhile here are a few tweets from today the IowaGOPer follows that may interest you.


And in the end it’s not the years in your life that count. It is the life in your years. ~~~ Abraham Lincoln

RT @Pudingtane: SHUT UP BILL CLINTON, u big phoney! You have no right to preach to me about “the right thing to do.” #tcot I AGREE!

Unions get pass on cadillac health plan tax! More 4 remaining middle class family to pay-where’s r bailout? No more bribes, kill the bill!
11 minutes ago from txt

McDonald’s Nationwide Free Wi-Fi Starts Today [Free Wi-Fi]

RT @ewerickson: The actor Danny Glover once again proves himself a dumbass. He blames Haiti’s earthquake on global warming. / Yes He Is

Obama’s Second Year Will Be Harder Than His First

RT @TheBeowulf: Christian-Islam violence spreading in Europe, Mideast

RT @davegj: Obama signs the INTERPOL Protection Act #rightriot #saveamerica #iamthemob #liberty #freedom #p2

RT @momtoostressed: Someone got on line to tell me to “hold please”….again…really (Prob. a bill collector. Auto dial, hold for real ppl)

RT @walyer: Nuke Power plant on lockdown in Amarillo Tx. via Fox news

Jon Stewart to Pat Robertson: ‘Shut Your Piehole’

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