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October 29th, 2010

Findley on AG Office Scandal

Today, Republican candidate for Attorney General, Brenna Findley, raised questions regarding two loans received by Attorney General Tom Miller’s re-election campaign.

According to Attorney General Tom Miller’s latest campaign financial disclosure report, two of Mr. Miller’s employees, Jeff Thompson and Tam Ormiston loaned the Attorney General’s campaign $75,000 and $20,000 respectively. According to the Attorney General’s website, Jeff Thompson currently serves as Iowa’s Deputy Attorney General for Litigation and Tam Ormiston serves as head of the Office of Consumer Advocate.

“I think that Iowans should find it very disturbing that Attorney General Miller is now in debt to his staff. One has to question what were the terms to this loan?” said Findley. “In 2009, Jeff Thompson earned $120,000 in salary from the Attorney Generals office and just funneled over half of his yearly salary in a loan to the Attorney General’s campaign. This loan is suspicious at best and just adds to the long list of questionable actions of Attorney General Miller and his office.”

Despite the $95,000 in questionable loans, Findley still out raised incumbent Attorney General Tom Miller in this reporting period. She raised an additional $319,289.55 bringing her total raised to $1,345,310.37 this year, while Attorney General Miller has only raised a little over $700,000.

“Our message continues to resonate with voters across the state of Iowa. It is time for Iowa to have an Attorney General that will listen to the people of this state and work to stop Washington-style spending in Iowa, clean up state government, lock up sexual predators and keep them locked up, and protect Iowans from being forced to buy Washington’s handpicked health insurance. Attorney General Miller has a record of inaction and the voters are ready for a new direction in Iowa.”

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