July 20th, 2010

Findley Obviously Got Miller’s Attention

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Written by: Krusty Konservative
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When Brenna Findley announced her candidacy to be Iowa’s next Attorney General, Tom Miller basically blew her off.  His peeps said that she wasn’t qualified to be the state’s top attorney, and then Miller went on with his day.

Findley has proven herself to be an aggressive campaigned and a surprisingly strong fundraiser.  Before posting her latest report, Findley has raised an impressive $150,000.  Miller was caught flat-footed, but seems like he is taking Findley seriously now.

Miller raised $97,285.00 in the last month and a half and has $186,000 cash-on-hand.  Miller’s fundraising was aided by a number of high dollar contributions.  Bill Knapp and Jerry Crawford each coughed up $5000, Fred Hubbell gave $1000, and whole slew of out-of-state attorneys made large contributions.

Once again Findley impressed in the fundraising department.  Findley raised $72,000 and has $164,000 that she can use to wage war against Miller with.  What impresses me about Findley’s fundraising is not her large contributions, but number of people who are donating to her campaign from all across the state.

I have no doubt that Miller will continue to raise money, but I think its very interesting to see the predicament that he finds himself in.  There is quite a bit of excitement behind Findley’s race and her ability to fund her campaign will make this one of the best races to watch across the state.

Findley doesn’t need to raise a ton of money to be successful.  Bill Northey and Dave Vaudt didn’t drown out their opponents with TV and Radio ads, but both campaigned hard across the state and had enough money to run ads to raise their name ID across the state.  Findley has already accomplished that, which means Miller is going to have a stressful fall.

Miller and the other Democrat statewide candidates having tough races will also hurt Culver and the Democratic legislative candidates.  Crawford and Knapp have never had to dump that kind of money into Miller’s race, so every dollar they give him is a dollar that isn’t going to Culver, Gronstal, or Murphy.  Republicans basically have the Democrats surrounded.  That’s a horrible position to be in politically just four months from the election.

When one of these down ballot races is close, the person who pulls it out is typically from the same political party of the candidate who won at the top of the ticket.  If that holds true, November 2nd could be a long night for the Democrats.

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