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July 6th, 2010

Findley: Attorney General Miller Needs Come Clean in Spending Scandal

DEXTER, IA-Today, the Republican nominee for Attorney General, Brenna Findley, called upon Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller to explain to Iowa taxpayers why he advised Governor Culver that he could not fire Lynn Walding, Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division head.  Walding was one of Miller’s top lieutenants in the Attorney General’s office before being appointed to head the Division.
State auditors have investigated the Alcoholic Beverages Division and found improper spending, including tens of thousands of dollars on artwork, leather chairs, bicycles, a camper and high-definition televisions, as well as other improprieties and mismanagement.

According to news reports, Attorney General Miller advised Governor Culver that he could not fire Walding in a legal memo.  So far, Iowa’s Attorney General Tom Miller has not provided a copy of his legal memo.

“The Auditor’s report not only highlighted severe deficiencies within the Culver Administration, but two glaring patterns that have become apparent with the AG’s office:

First, Miller views his role as AG as one which has, as its primary role, sweeping Chet Culver’s messes under the rug. Why else would Miller sit on his memo and protect Walding from being fired for mismanagement? His ‘go along to get along’ mentality is not what Iowa taxpayers deserve. I’ll change that attitude on Day One.

Second, Walding was one of Miller’s top lieutenants prior to assuming control at Alcoholic Beverages Division. Miller’s other “exports” to the Culver Administration have similarly become part of the problem, not the solution. Donn Stanley, another top Miller lieutenant who took a leave of absence from the AG’s office to manage Culver’s campaign, is now mired in a campaign finance controversy. It seems that in his desire to help salvage Chet Culver, Miller is dragging state government down with him,” noted Findley.

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