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October 21st, 2010

Findley: AG Tom Miller Doesn’t Learn from His Mistakes

In yesterday’s debate at the University of Iowa long time Attorney General Tom Miller revealed how out of touch he is with Main Street values after 28 years as Attorney General.  In the debate, Miller made a stunning statement that endangers the safety of every Iowan.  When pressed about the fact that his office missed a deadline that allowed two violent sexual predators to be released Miller replied:  “That will happen from time to time.”

Republican nominee for Attorney General knows differently:  “It is unacceptable that AG Tom Miller downplays the fact that two dangerous sexual predators were set free because he doesn’t know the law.  The only thing more astounding is that Miller implies that Iowans should expect that it will happen again on his watch.  What kind of Attorney General expects Iowans to accept that sort of performance.  The Attorney General’s first job is to keep us safe, he’s failed miserably, he’s admitted his failure but he wants us to accept and expect more failures.  I will make the safety of Iowans my top priority.”

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