February 16th, 2010

Fallon vs. Culver Part Duex!?!

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Written by: Krusty Konservative
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edfallonFor Ed Fallon, running for office isn’t just something you do because you are passionate about issues and the community in which you live; it’s also a way to pay the bills. These difficult financial times have been hard for a lot of people, but it probably has been especially difficult for Fallon.

For the first time since 1992, Fallon finds himself without a campaign to live off of. Ed’s taxpayer funded gravy train (legislature)ended in 2006 with his failed gubernatorial campaign. In 2008, Fallon challenged Congressman Boswell in the primary. He got embarrassed.

Ever since, many have considered Fallon to be finished politically, myself included. Fallon was so desperate for work that he tried to pressure Culver into hiring him. Phil Roeder, Culver’s former press dude, said that Fallon has contacted the governor’s office on several occasions asking for a paid position with a full-time assistant and support staff. Heck, he even applied to be the White House gardener even though no such position existed.

Now it seems like Ed is begging to be asked to run against Culver in the Democratic primary for governor. Sure it would be a lot of fun to write about, but who’s going to fund it. His former business partners and campaign contributors, Phyllis and Marla Stevens are facing jail time for embezzling $6 million for the insurance company Phyllis worked for.

This is humorous on so many levels.

Fallon is a joke.

Culver is a joke.

And the Iowa Democratic Party is a complete mess.

That said, you just have to love our favorite folk singer, accordionist, radio shock jock and neighborhood socialist Ed Fallon.

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