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November 29th, 2010

Fallon Blasts Iowa Democrats for Sticking With McCarthy and Gronstal

Former Democrat State Rep. Ed Fallon just sent out a blistering email taking Iowa Democrats to task for sticking its legislative leaders.

The Democratic Party has a problem. A HUGE problem. Having sold its soul to corporate backers and special interests, it has ceased to function as the voice of the people, abdicating its historic mission as the Party of hope, change, innovation and progress.

This was the primary lesson from the November 2nd general election. Yet Party insiders in Iowa don’t seem to get it. At the Statehouse, despite a humiliating election set-back, the folks in charge are still running the ship. Consider the following:

Despite losing 16 seats in the Iowa House, Kevin McCarthy retains his position as the House Democrats’ leader.

Despite losing six seats in the Iowa Senate, Mike Gronstal remains the Senate Majority Leader.

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