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April 7th, 2010

Failor: Fort Dodge City Officials Irresponsibly Spending Taxpayer Dollars

FailorMUSCATINE, IA – Taxpayers of Fort Dodge are being disregarded and disrespected by city officials who decided to allow city employees to take paid time off to support the proposed Diamond Jo casino in front of Iowa Racing and Gaming officials on Wednesday.

“This is an outrageous abuse of taxpayer funds,” Ed Failor, Jr. said. “The citizens of Fort Dodge pay taxes for police, fire, and other essential public services. Encouraging city employees to take paid time off to attend a pep rally for a casino is not why people pay taxes.”

Failor said he was shocked a number of the city’s elected officials seem to think it is okay to allow city employees to attend a pro-casino rally while being paid by taxpayers. Only Councilmen Robert ”Barney” Patterson and Don Wilson have been quoted in news articles opposing to paying the employees who go to the casino event.

“These elected officials are supposed to be protectors of the public treasury. Sadly, it looks like they are more interested in spending tax dollars creating an illusion instead of doing the peoples’ business.”

“The citizens of Fort Dodge should be asking what essential city services won’t be getting done during this time. Logically, taxpayers need to also ask how essential are these services and employees if they are expendable for a day.”

Unfortunately, the Fort Dodge City Manager has lost all perspective on whose money he is spending. Mr. Fierke had the utter audacity to say to the media, “City employees are going if they want to go,” he said. ”If they want to go they can go on the city’s clock.”

Mr. Failor finished, “It is not the city’s clock, it is the taxpayers’ clock. The very taxpayers who pay all the bills. The people have the final voice and should not tolerate this failed leadership.”

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