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April 15th, 2010

Everyday America Emdorses Funk

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Written by: The Iowa Republican
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Funk.OfficalPhoto002Des Moines- (April 15, 2010)- Everyday America is pleased to announce its endorsement of Dave Funk for Iowa’s 3rd Congressional district republican primary.

Everyday America evaluates candidates based on leadership, issues, and proper interpretation of the Constitution. Mr. Funk has been an aggressive leader on the issues in this campaign, and has shown his understanding of the role of a congressman as well as the Constitutional boundaries for federal authority. He has also proved his organizational competency by putting together a strong team of campaign support on a tight budget, and built a broad base of campaign relationships, including many members of the tea party movement along with republicans, independents, and disenfranchised democrats.

“Dave Funk is a tireless worker, who will not accept the current state of Washington D.C.” said Bill Salier, co-founder of Everyday America. “Dave attacks problems in Washington the same way I would, that is to rip the power out of federal government’s hands and restore it to the people just as our founders intended.”

The fate of our country and federal government is becoming more critical every day. Before it is too late, we must elect men and women to all levels of government who understand we can no longer buy votes with campaign promises seldom kept. EA-endorsed candidates such as Dave Funk will help bring the United States back to its former greatness, while staying within Constitutional boundaries, returning power to its freedom-loving citizens.

These times call for a handful of fearless leaders in Congress who will use every available tool which the Constitution allows to stop the massive confiscation of our personal rights and freedoms. Everyday America believes Dave Funk would be a congressman who stands in the breach, even at his own political peril, to save our republic.

Dave Funk is a man anchored in the Constitution and his Christian faith. He will go on the offensive to protect these values for future generations, understanding that our rights come from God, not from government.

This endorsement is valid only for the June 8th Republican primary for the 3rd congressional district. As with all EA endorsements, we have the right to publicly retract the endorsement if we feel the candidate is not living up to Constitutional standards, which are the standards of Everyday America.

For Liberty,
Bill Salier
Kitty Rehberg
Jason Hamann

Everyday America Board members

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