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October 29th, 2010

Eric Palmer’s False Negative Attacks on Vander Linden Are Forced Off the Air

Earlier this morning a Des Moines network television station decided to no longer air the advertisement placed by Rep. Eric Palmer and the Iowa Democratic Party falsely attacking Republican candidate Guy Vander Linden.

“The false and personal attacks made by Rep. Eric Palmer are not only being rejected by voters but they are so false that a television station has decided to stop airing them,” said Matt Strawn, Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa.  “Guy Vander Linden is a former Marine Brigadier General who has flown two Presidents as a pilot of Marine One during his three decades of service in uniform.  It is shameful for Rep. Eric Palmer to call into question Guy Vander Linden’s service to our country.”

This morning the Vander Linden campaign received notice from the General Manger of KDSM FOX 17 TV, informing the campaign that they have made the decision to not run the remaining schedule for the advertisement placed by the Iowa Democratic Party referencing Guy Vander Linden.

“It is clear that a career politician like Rep. Eric Palmer will say and do whatever it takes to win an election, even flat out lying about his opponent,” said Strawn.  “Fortunately, television stations have taken notice and one station has even pulled these lies and distortions from their airwaves.”

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