November 3rd, 2010

Election Night Interview: Kim Pearson, “Its Gonna Really Surprise A Lot Of People What We Do.”

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Written by: TEApublican

Calm, cool and collective… if Kim Pearson takes her new role as district 42 state representative in the same demeanor she did on election night, Iowa will be blessed.   She had 168 more votes than opponent Geri Huser.  Scroll down for the results.

Watch her election night interview below as well as footage of our super dup alley oop shot while shooting hoops together, proving she is a great team player.

Her victory night celebration was held at the Orange Planet  in Pleasant Hill where 2 full court basketball courts and a full workout gym provide a great backdrop for an election night workout.

Congrads to Kim, her family and her supporters.

Geri D. Huser Democratic Party 6749 47.58%
Kim Pearson Republican Party 6908 48.7%
Dan Nieland Nominated by Petition 514 3.62%
Write-in Non-Partisan 15 0.11%

[youtube C24tpEEy74U]

[youtube rVTeMxUOqkE]

photos and video by Dave Davidson

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Dave Davidson is the TIR artjournalism storyteller photographer and founder of (polite) presidential paparazzi with manners. He is the author of gobs of books including "Sarah Palin Inspires Me", "Huckisms" and "You May Be A TEApublican".

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