April 15th, 2010

Draft Nebraska!

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Written by: Battleground Iowa
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By Emily GeigerNebraska sign

You’ve probably heard of “Draft Branstad.” The “Draft Eisenhower” movement was pretty successful. Well, I’ve got an idea of my own.

Don’t you wish Iowa’s Legislators had the ba… , um, courage of their counterparts in Nebraska?

First, the Nebraska legislature passed a law requiring doctors to screen women seeking an abortion for potential physical or mental health problems before performing the abortion.

Heck, most murder mills, I mean, abortion clinics don’t even do anything to check the age of their prospective client to make sure they are legal adults, or, God forbid, report obvious cases of statutory rape to the authorities (which they are require to do by law, but they often conveniently forget about that), let alone bother to think about what detrimental impact the abortion would have on the woman involved.

But they didn’t stop there. Next, the Nebraska legislature decided to acknowledge the reality of abortion by codifying a ban on late term abortion based on the premise that they have the authority to limit fetal pain.

Standing ovation for our neighbors to the west!

Of course both of these provisions are going to be challenged in federal court, but at least they are trying.

I’m wondering if we could start a “Draft Nebraska’s Legislature” movement here in Iowa. Of course, we’d have to convince them all to move here and space themselves out even across Iowa’s legislative districts. But, hey, if someone could convince Terry Branstad to give up his cush, high-paying gig at DMU, anything’s possible.

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