July 21st, 2010

Doh! Culver Steps in it Again

By Emily Geiger

If you are an incompetent, not-so-bright, big spending Democratic governor, the last person you should pick a fight with is the highly competent, so-much-smarter-than-you, fiscally conservative Republican state auditor.

Every time Auditor Dave Vaudt brings up the little fact that Chet Culver has royally blown the state budget to bits, Culver starts crying and goes into deny, deny, deny mode. Then, a few weeks ago, Vaudt’s office called Culver out for abusing the courtesy of early viewing privileges of audit reports afforded to the governor’s office when the Des Moines Register somehow got a copy of an audit report before other media which showed that the state booze regulators are spending tax dollars on things like artwork, bicycles, campers, and various other frivolous items.

Of course, Culver denied that the report came from his office (though he didn’t deny that it might have come from some other administrative office under his control that he might have passed the report to), but nobody believes that the leaked report came from the tight ship Vaudt runs, so that pretty much leaves Culver or his minions as the culprit.

Now, Vaudt releases a report stating that the DNR is failing to enforce numerous environmental protection laws, some of which are more than 20 years old. Apparently, the DNR is more concerned about things like maintaining the overpopulated deer population than it is about toxic waste dumping.

Next thing you know, Culver is commenting, saying how this was “overstated and overblown.”

Perhaps realizing how silly he sounded (and after public statements expressing concern from environmental activists), Culver then clarified to say that the “media reports” on the matter are what was overstated and overblown, not necessarily Vaudt’s report.

Touchy, touchy. Chester, dude, not everything is about you.

Of course, in a round-about way, it might be about your incompetence. The thing Chet needs to realize is that his overreaction only draws attention to this fact.

If Chet had been smart, he would have taken the auditor’s report and run with it. He could have vowed to crack down on environmental violations, and maybe, he could have even appeared to be doing something productive or, dare I say, competent.

But who ever said Chet was smart?

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