May 11th, 2010

Does Tom Beaumont have a crush on Bill Clinton?

It is newsworthy when a former President comes to town, but Tom Beaumont’s blow by blow of Clinton’s arrival to Ed Campbell’s funeral was a bit over the top.

“He is sitting in the same row as Iowa first lady Mari Culver and one row ahead of Lt. Gov. Patty Judge, whose hand Clinton kissed before he took his seat.”

“Register footnote: Clinton is seated beside former Des Moines Register managing editor Diane Graham, who is attending the funeral with her husband Dan Miller”

I doubt Clinton has seen anyone gush over him like this since Monica first entered his office.

Governor Culver a No-Show Campbell Funeral

Culver was a no show at Ed Campbell’s funeral yesterday. Surprising when it was Ed Campbell who hired Chet Culver to be a lobbyist after his stint at driving his wife Bonnie around during her failed gubernatorial run.

You would think that the Governor could move his schedule around to pay his respect to Campbell. I mean, a former President of the United States found a way to get here.

So what was Chet busy doing? I’m told he is on the east coast raising money for his re-election campaign. Remember he has that big event with the Kennedy family tonight.

Merlin Brartz is Krazy

As you all know, I oppose gay marriage, but I also oppose people doing stupid things. Nothing pisses me off more than seeing a Republican elected official doing something ridiculous. Yesterday, State Senator Merlin Bartz let it be known that he’s mad as hell that gay couples can now qualify and receive the family rate when they camp at a state park. Really?

Now, I know there are some people who said that Republicans in the State Senate didn’t do all they could after the April 3, 2009 ruling, but come on. I don’t think it’s a good political strategy to prevent gays from getting the family rate.

This is why Republicans are stereotyped.

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