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August 6th, 2010

Do Siouxland Democrats Stand for New Local Jobs or Stand with Culver’s Job-killing DNR Director?

The Republican Party of Iowa today asked Siouxland Democrats whether they agree with the governor’s assessment of DNR Director Richard Leopold. Leopold is responsible for bureaucratic roadblocks for a planned $10 billion oil refinery in bordering South Dakota, which would also bring jobs to Northwest Iowa.

Iowa GOP Chairman Matt Strawn said, “With the recent closing of the John Morrell plant, Sioux City workers would be thrilled to see new jobs. Yet Governor Chet Culver recently said Leopold, the man who’s interfering with the job-creating project, is doing an outstanding job. Do local Democrats running for Statehouse share Culver’s enthusiastic support for Leopold’s job-killing efforts?”

The Party called on Democrat House candidates David Dawson, Chris Hall and Carlos Venable-Ridley; and Senate candidates Rick Mullin and Marty Pottebaum to tell voters where they stand when it comes to Leopold’s performance and his job-killing effect on Northwest Iowa.

Strawn noted that now is not the time to be blocking new job opportunities like the Hyperion Energy Center, which has received the necessary permits from the state of South Dakota and the Federal government.

Strawn concluded, “This kind of blatant blocking of private job creation is why Iowans will not elect Democrats this fall. Iowans know that the way to put more people to work is not by racking up debt and growing state bureaucracy. More jobs will come when we enable entrepreneurs to pursue their job-creating projects, and Republicans will deliver on that promise this November.”

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