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October 25th, 2010

Desperate Times and Behaving Stupidly

By Dr. Sam Clovis

A long time ago I had a wizened Chief Master Sergeant tell this young captain that I should reduce my stress by understanding that my efforts would be best spent working with those that were ignorant rather than those who displayed the unmistakable symptoms of being stupid.  The ignorant just don’t know any better.  The stupid know better but can’t help themselves.

This past week, the Chief’s words rang in my ears as I saw events unfold with the actions of National Public Radio (NPR) and again with those of the Iowa Democrat Party (IDP).  The former organization summarily fired Juan Williams, an African-American journalist and no friend of conservatism, for expressing his thoughts about what he felt when he got on airplanes and saw “Muslims” behaving as Muslims first.

The latter has to do with the despicable barrage of campaign ads funded by the IDP in support of democrat candidates in local house and senate races.  So out of context and distorted are the messages being posted by the IDP that one has a hard time taking them seriously.  However, the viciousness of such mendacious, vile attacks against otherwise good citizens seeking to serve their communities reveals a great deal about the IDP and its leadership.

There is very little upon which Juan Williams and I would agree.  He is a thoughtful and articulate purveyor of liberal ideology.  At times, he is a strong cheerleader for the administration but at other times, he has been courageous in calling out what he sees as the inconsistencies between rhetoric and behavior.

Recently, on Fox News Channel, he made comments that were construed by his leaders at NPR as being outside the bounds of his contractual arrangement.  He was summarily fired and then had the head of NPR make some of the dumbest remarks one could make about a former employee.

I am not worried about Juan Williams landing on his feet.  He has been defiant and, if I were a betting man, he is likely to get a very handsome settlement out of NPR before all is said and done.  What bothers me most is the clear double standard in place at NPR.

The examples of NPR reporters and analysts offering vile, vicious commentary on those who might subscribe to a more conservative view of the world are legion.  Over the past several days, talk radio outlets and Fox News have provided dozens of examples of hate speech coming from NPR.  Were any of those individuals fired?  No, of course not.  Their screeds were directed at republicans in office or conservative thinkers and commentators.

Mr. Williams’ greatest sin may have been his long standing relationship with Fox News.  This association clearly riled the powers that be at NPR and perhaps even more their behind-the-veil contributors such as George Soros.  At NPR it must be OK to spew forth whatever might enter one’s mind about conservatives, but one dare not stray from the script.  Rather than conservatives being stereotyped as bigots, perhaps the real bigots are on the left.

I have been advancing the idea that the real bigots in America are the progressives.  If they were truly interested in correcting what they identify as the reprehensible inequality that exists in the country, why have progressive policies failed so miserably for the past 70 years?

Democrats and progressives have been in charge of Congress for 50 of those years, supporting the New Deal, the Great Society and now this blind race toward socialism.  All one has to do to measure the success of their initiatives is examine the high school graduation rates in all the major cities in America.

All of the largest cities are controlled by democrat elected officials and subsidized by democrat congresses.  Their schools are run by teacher unions.  Ask the minorities in the inner cities how this hope and change has worked for them.  The progressives really don’t want people to gain independence, because the power of progressives is greatly diminished when individuals exercise their liberty.  Progressives seek to perpetuate a growing underclass in the nation through deliberate structural racism, and the evidence to support this assertion is overwhelming.

This brings me to the IDP and the desperate advertising onslaught taking place across the state.  I can only see what is going on in the Siouxland, but I am willing to bet that things are the same all over.  We have five closely contested races going on up here—three for the house and two for the senate.

Until a week ago or so, all the races were positive, although the democrats were virtually invisible at the local forums, on the airways or in the print news.  That all changed.  On behalf of two house candidates and one senate candidate, the IDP sent out some of the most despicable printed material I have ever encountered in local politics.  The fact that these candidates clearly endorsed this approach is what I find most disturbing.

By examining the respective candidate websites, looking at their public pronouncements and every other form of communications from them one is struck by the complete lack of specificity on where they might stand on the issues.  No pronouncements about tax reform, education reform, public union reform, pension reform, economic development, defense of marriage, immigration or any other matter of substance—none, zip, nada.

The conclusion to be drawn is that these individuals will simply be rubber stamps for Gronstal, Murphy and Culver—in other words, a perpetuation of all the failed policies of the current democrat regime.  Along with the printed material have been several really crass TV ads that have been deceptive at best and mendacious at worst.

This negative campaign speaks volumes about the moral center, integrity and character of the IDP and its leadership.  What makes me sad, however, is that these three candidates, probably decent neighbors otherwise, have fallen into this slime pit.

Win or lose, these actions will have long term consequences for these three individuals.  I hope that the bargain they have made with this devil will be worth it to them over the short term, because a lot of people are not soon going to forget how they have conducted themselves in the last two weeks of the campaign.

Rather than crawling in the pit with these guys, the republicans have held to the moral high ground.  Let’s hope that the voters will see yet another stark difference between the parties on November 2.  I am betting they will and will punish those who have gone so far down into the dirt and filth of negative campaigning.

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Sam Clovis
Sam Clovis is college professor, retired Air Force fighter pilot and former radio talk show host. He has been active in republican politics in Iowa for quite some time and is a highly visible and outspoken conservative. He has run for office in Iowa and remains a popular conservative figure.

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