September 30th, 2010

Democrats Go After the Little Guys… Including Kent Sorenson’s Kids

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Written by: Battleground Iowa
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By Emily Geiger

Anyone else find it ironic that, in the midst of a recession, the Democrats are taking every opportunity they possibly can to criticize their Republican opponents for past financial problems?

Everyone from Christine O’Donnell to Brad Zaun to Kent Sorenson has been targeted in this way. Heck, one Republican candidate for Congress in Florida now has to change his social security number after the Florida Democratic Party “forgot” to blur it out on a mailer they sent to a few hundred thousand people showing an old tax lien.

Not only did the Florida Democrats basically help facilitate identity theft against their Republican opponent, they then had the audacity to claim that the Republican’s new ad exposing these dirty tactics was a “disingenuous political stunt.”

So, apparently disclosing your political opponent’s social security number to a few hundred thousand people and then claiming it was an honest mistake (despite the fact that you blurred out other parts of the document) is not a disingenuous political stunt, but calling out the people who disclosed the social security number is.

Huh, learn something new every day.

In Iowa, things have gotten ugly, too. Sadly, Kent Sorenson and his family have taken the brunt of some of the nastiest of the local attacks. It seems Staci Appel and her supporters have brought up the fact that, years ago, Sorenson went through some tough financial times and, like the guy in Florida, ended up with a tax lien.

What bleeding-heart, uber-compassionate Staci doesn’t mention is why the Sorenson family fell on hard times.

Enter Makala Sorenson, Kent’s daughter, who wrote an open letter that is making the rounds in GOP circles explaining what happened to her family. Here’s her story in her own words:

Dear whomever it may concern,

My name is Makala and I am the State Representative Kent Sorenson’s oldest daughter of 6 children. I am writing you today in response to a vicious and twisted assault against my father.

I’ve been blessed with a wonderful family, and my father is my hero. Liberal assaults against my father only tell 1/2 the story; they don’t give you the REST of the story. This is my story.

My father sees the breakdown of families and traditional values being trampled upon and disregarded, with judges overruling the WILL of the people. The family is under attack, and he became a civic leader out of a dutiful heart to try and make a difference, strongly standing upon traditional beliefs and values.

I feel that this last attack was partially directed towards me because, when I was 12 years old, I suffered from something called Pseudo tumor Cerebri. This is a very rare condition that doctors and specialist struggled to diagnose and cure. Eventually I made it through, although my parents suffered greatly financially because of it.

What family hasn’t suffered financial hardships at one time or another in their life time? Most people have! That being said, my father, a successful entrepreneur and small business owner, has always taken his responsibility for his family very seriously and has always provided for us. My father paid all the taxes he owed plus penalties and interest. My father is looking out for your family and community as well! Please, No attacks, Just the Facts. Thank you for reading this.

Makala Sorenson

Now, I know that Staci Appel probably doesn’t understand what it’s like to suffer financial hardship when she’s cashing her Supreme Court Justice husband’s $163,000 paycheck and using his state-issued insurance cards for her kids’ doctor visits, but I thought Democrats were supposed to be for the little guy.

It seems that, now that a bunch of little guys are threatening their political power base, all that Democratic compassion has gone out the window.

Newsflash to Democrats: WE’RE IN A RECESSION!!! Picking on opponents who have gone through the same financial hardships that most of your constituents are experiencing right now just might backfire on you come November.

It makes you look like a bunch of insensitive, hypocritical jerks. But hey, if the shoe fits…

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