July 19th, 2010

Culver to Casinos: You Can’t Win if You Don’t Pay

The special prosecutor looking into Governor Chet Culver’s fundraising tactics has determined that the Governor solicited campaign contributions from a second casino operator who was seeking a gambling license at the time. Earlier this year Culver was busted for soliciting campaign contributions from the people trying to build a casino in Fort Dodge.

This morning’s Des Moines Register reports:

The disclosure that Culver sought money from a second casino applicant – Daniel Kehl of the Lyon County casino group – at a critical time in the licensing process also raises new questions about whether the solicitations have the appearance of impropriety.”

I appreciate the special prosecutor looking into Culver’s actions with Kehl but how in the heck can he or the Register be surprised by any of this? Culver tried to sell Kehl the Iowa Lottery a couple years ago and took in a $25k contribution in the process.

I also wonder why the Register didn’t mention the fact that Culver’s new campaign manager, Donn Stanley, came from the Attorney General’s office. Coincidence? I doubt it. Who better to cover up the tracks than a guy who may have knowledge of the investigation?

Stanley also thinks we are all a bunch of idiots. Stanley reminds us that the Governor doesn’t decide who gets a license or not. While that is accurate, the Governor does appoint people to the Racing and Gaming Commission, so it’s not like he doesn’t have any sway over the commission. Furthermore, Culver actually campaigned for Fort Dodge to get a license, something that no Governor has done before.

The Register’s story also shows that Culver put pressure on Peninsula Gaming, the company trying to build the casino in Fort Dodge, to contribute $25,000 to his campaign. With the help of Bonnie Campbell, Peninsula funneled money to the local backers of the Fort Dodge project that they could give to Culver.

That is dirty politics, and that is exactly why Ron Blagojevich is no longer the Governor of Illinois. It’s a good thing that Culver is being investigated, but it will be better when he and his team of slime balls are no longer trusted with leading this state.

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