March 3rd, 2010

Culver Campaign Sends Blast Email of Iraq Photo-Op – But it wasn’t a Photo-Op

Culver IraqGovernor Culver has received a little heat about his recent trip to Iraq. Culver told Radio Iowa reporter Kay Henderson that the trip was absolutely justified and added. “I am the commander-in-chief of the Iowa National Guard and have a duty and an obligation to support our troops.” He forgot to add, “…and since my polling numbers a dismal, and the new reporter from WHO TV is all over my ass, the trip to Iraq was the only way to produce favorable news coverage for myself.”

Now you would think that a guy like Culver, who has insisted that his Iraq trip was not a photo op, would have then realized that it would be stupid to send out a campaign email entitled, “Pictures from Iraq.” But as we all know, Chet’s not the sharpest crayon in the box and he sent the email anyway.

Culver has said that he was using the trip to build support for the ten bills the Department of Defense is lobbying for, like a bill that would offer unemployment benefits to people who must quit their jobs when a spouse is deployed by the military. Now, last I checked, Culver was the Governor and Democrats had huge majorities in the Iowa House and Senate, so what’s the hold up?

In his campaign email, Culver said, “Those that are silent need to speak. Those that value a few cents instead of helping military families need to re-think their priorities. And those that would play politics and try and stop this legislation need to get out of the way and let us lead.”

What are the names of the Democrats that are holding this up, Governor?

While I don’t think that Culver and the U.S. Military are in cahoots to get the beleaguered Governor some good press, I do think that Culver is using this trip to help him politically. I think that’s just obnoxious.

Our brave guardsmen and women should not be used as political pawns to help get anyone elected. If Culver really wanted to show them that he supports them he could have pushed for these bills in his condition of the state speech, he could have demanded that the legislature pass them. Instead when he returns from his trip, his campaign sends an email about the trip.

Folks that is the definition of a photo-op.

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