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May 18th, 2010

Culver Announces Reelection Bid; Strawn Strikes Back

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Iowans Will Hold Culver Accountable for First Term’s Failures

Strawn: The first step in choosing a better Iowa is choosing a better governor

DES MOINES, IOWA – Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Matt Strawn today said that Iowans are ready for new leadership in Des Moines. As Governor Chet Culver kicked off his “Choosing a Better Iowa” campaign tour, Strawn reminded Iowans of Culver’s failed leadership over his more than three years in office.

Strawn said, “Governor Culver is traveling the state asking voters to choose a better Iowa.  The first step in choosing a better Iowa is choosing a better governor. The reason we need a better Iowa than we have today is because of Culver’s failures as a leader. Culver has taken Iowans $1.6 billion into generational debt without creating a single, long-term sustainable job. Meanwhile, in the year since his signature I-JOBS bill became law, an additional 18,000 Iowans are unemployed.

“More debt and more taxes will not lead to prosperity in Iowa. The effects of Culver’s overspending have trickled down to our school districts, increasing the burden on property taxpayers all across Iowa. Democrats’ insistence in wanting to pass job-killing legislation is having a chilling effect on job creation in Iowa. We need a leader who will show the world that Iowa is the best place to work or start a business, raise a family and live a prosperous life.

“Simply put, Iowans need to choose a better leader for our state. We need a governor who sticks to a budget, sticks to our shared values and provides leadership. That’s the kind of leader our next Republican governor will be,” Strawn concluded.

above was the press release issued by yesterday
video & photos by Dave Davidson
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