September 21st, 2010

Culver and Conlin Think Iowa Voters Are Idiots

Governor Chet Culver held a series of events yesterday where he promised to create some much-needed jobs for unemployed Iowans. The last time Culver wanted to create some jobs it ended up costing use over a BILLION dollars, or $55 million a year for 23 years if that is less depressing.

I got a chuckle when read the first line in the Des Moines Register’s article. Jason Clayworth wrote, “Iowa will double its number of environmentally friendly jobs and expand the Iowa Power Fund program, Gov. Chet Culver said today in outlining his jobs plan if elected to a second term.”

The reason that’s funny is because it’s coming from a guy who has yet to see any net job growth during his term in office. How on earth can Culver pledge to double the number of any kind of jobs when the state has lost 50,000 jobs during his watch?

It’s also comical seeing Clayworth plug that Iowa has the 9th-lowest unemployment rate in the nation, when the state’s unemployment level is at a 20-year high and has tripled under Culver’s first term in office.

Here is what Iowans should ask themselves before they go cast a vote this fall.

Would you ask for financial advice from this guy?

Didn’t think so.

Would you trust this physician with you end-of-life care?

Me either.

Would you hire this guy to be your fitness trainer?

I know, I Know, of course not.

Common sense would tell you that the reelecting the guy who has seen Iowa’s employment rate increase is the last thing you would want to do to create jobs. However, I know this state is full of idiots like Clayworth who are comforted by Culver’s spin.

While we are talking about stupid people, I’d be a fool if I didn’t mention Roxanne’s debate with an empty chair.

Look, I know Roxanne made millions saying a bunch of crazy crap in hopes that people would just pay her to go away, but her whole “Grassley will not debate me” shtick is getting old. Grassley and Conlin pretty much debated on Iowa Press just a week ago and the two will have a WHO Radio debate next month. Come on Roxanne, stop playing the victim card

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