August 17th, 2010

Culver’s Mea Kulpa

Governor Culver has given up on trying to score points against Terry Branstad and instead is trying to win the sympathy vote.  Culver unveiled his new campaign tactic at the Des Moines Register’s Soap Box at the Iowa State Fair yesterday.

“I also want you to know that we’ve worked very hard.  I’ve been to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, nearly 100 times fighting on flood-recovery efforts and I have continued to do everything in my power every day as governor to get the job done and to get this state moving forward, and so despite some of the mistakes, despite some of the challenges in historic proportions that we’re dealing with, we’re still moving Iowa forward.”

“I want to say that some of that criticism is justified and that we have made our fair share of mistakes, and I take full responsibility for those things that have happened in various state agencies, that happened on my watch and I take responsibility for those mistakes that have been made.”

It seems to me that Culver wants to be that pudgy kid who isn’t that smart or athletically gifted that people feel sorry for.  The problem Culver faces is that Iowans just want someone who can get the job done.  He of all people should realize that while people might feel sorry for that pudgy kid, they don’t let him play quarterback.

As Iowa’s governor, Culver has grown the size of government, carved out special rights for people based on behavior, raised taxes, forced local governments to raise property taxes, forced schools to spend their reserve funds, mismanaged the state budget, and indebted future generations of Iowans. If that wasn’t bad enough, his administration has been plagued by numerous scandals that have costs taxpayers money.

I’m glad the guy is admitting that he has made some mistakes, but that will do nothing to help him with his re-election campaign this fall.  Culver has proved beyond a reasonable doubt that he is unfit and unable to lead the state of Iowa.

It seems like Culver and his campaign team are beginning to realize what regular Iowans figured out a year ago – that new leadership is needed Des Moines.  At this point Culver would be better off just traveling the state on a goodbye tour and start packing up some things in his office.

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