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July 6th, 2010

Crisis in the Gulf Has Been a Case Study in Failure

By Rod Blum

Cue the circular firing squad.  The Gulf oil spill is our latest crisis and our flawless President is the dealer in our current blame game.  In the finest tradition of the Chicago mob, Obama stated that he was “seeking ass to kick” and Interior Secretary Salazar said his job was “to keep a boot on the neck of British Petroleum (BP)”.  Obama, a former community organizer – who’s best skill is pitting Americans against fellow Americans – is using this opportunity to once again bash capitalism.  The President should stop finger-pointing and try to fix the damn problem.  And by the way Mr. President, what about a “boot on the neck” of Iran, Muslim terrorists and illegal immigrants?  How about “kicking some ass” in the welfare communities, where personal responsibility has taken leave?  And while you’re feeling tough, break the knee-caps of the current Congress that refuses to produce a budget and is spending us into bankruptcy.

If we are assigning blame for the oil spill, BP has already admitted it is to blame for the oil spill.  End of that story.

With the culprit identified, all Americans want someone, anyone to stop the flow of oil.  Few blame the Obama administration for the spill itself.  But most Americans believe they could have done a better job reacting.  Democrat advisor James Carville called Obama’s response to the oil spill “lackadaisical and naïve”.  After seventy-five plus days of oil flowing into the gulf, why do effective and proven foreign clean up ships remain on the sidelines?  Because Obama has refused to waive the Jones Act, which would allow foreign assistance with the oil spill.  The act, which requires American union workers on projects like this, is routinely waived in emergencies.  But protecting the union is more important to Obama than protecting our shoreline from oil.  If Obama needs an example of what can happen when global assets are allowed to tackle a massive oil spill, he need look no further than Saudi Aramco’s clean up a of a massive wartime spill off the Kuwaiti cost in 1991.  Aramco summoned every available ship worldwide to assist in the cleanup.  The company recovered over 900,000 barrels of oil in roughly three months.

And to say Obama has been detached during this crisis is putting it mildly.  He has played golf seven times since the rig exploded – also found the time to attend Washington Nationals baseball games.  Can you imagine the media outrage if George Bush behaved this way?  Political double standards are alive and well in the media.

Obama did find time to squeeze in a meeting with BP – it was a shakedown that would make Jesse Jackson blush.   Circumventing America’s legal system, Obama extorted the corporation for $20 billion.  Do you want to live in a country where any time a citizen or corporation makes a mistake they’re subject to some sort of political pressure that amounts to extortion?  Failure is a necessary component of free enterprise.  But the Obama regime takes advantage of every failure in the private sector to stomp on our free enterprise system.  From Fannie Mae to GM, from AIG to Citibank, Obama continues to undermine the established rule of law.  This lawlessness creates uncertainty in the business community and is part of the reason why business is not hiring.

This crisis has been a case study in failure to lead, failure to act, and using a crisis to advance one’s own agenda rather than solve the problem.  This may be a great way to run the mob, but it’s no way to run a country.

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