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August 19th, 2010

Conlin’s Cone of Silence


U.S. Senate candidate Roxanne Conlin’s campaign continued today to hide the identities of her secret law partners and duck other questions about a lawsuit in which she is being sued for refusing to share $75 million in legal fees from a class-action suit against Microsoft.

Conlin’s campaign was asked four direct questions on Tuesday:

·         Why did she sign an agreement to ‘keep confidential to the fullest extent possible’ not only the existence of that agreement but also the ‘identity of the members’ of the Microsoft litigation consortium?
·         Why is it so important for her to hide the names of the trial lawyers she signed an agreement with before suing Microsoft?
·         Did her clients know she signed an agreement that she promised to keep secret?
·         Will she tell Iowans today when and how she received permission from the class to share millions in legal fees with lawyers they don’t even know about?”

“In response to those simple questions, Roxanne Conlin’s campaign issues a statement that has nothing to do with questions that the public clearly has a right to know,” said Bob Renaud, manager for Sen. Chuck Grassley’s re-election campaign. “She entered into a secret agreement with a large group of out-of-state trial lawyers who are now suing her. She talks about transparency in government but wraps more secrecy around a secret agreement. She has a responsibility to give Iowans the answers to those questions today.”

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