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September 29th, 2010


Democrat challenger Roxanne Conlin today continued her non-stop negative television ad campaign by airing a false attack on Sen. Chuck Grassley.

“Roxanne Conlin is a trial lawyer who’s playing fast and loose with the facts. It’s a good thing she’s not under oath because she’d be found in contempt by the voters,” said Eric Woolson, spokesman for Grassley’s re-election campaign. “Her ads have been 100-percent negative. Simply put, Chuck Grassley has never voted to ship jobs overseas and there is no tax deduction for sending jobs overseas as Roxanne Conlin claims and there never has been one.”

He continued, “There is, however, federal policy to give free tax credits to multi-millionaire developers like Roxanne Conlin and her husband and she’s taken full advantage of them to get very rich.  She’s also taken $1.2 million in federal stimulus money that didn’t create a single job. She couldn’t be more hypocritical if she tried.”

Grassley’s record, which includes authoring a 9-percent tax break for companies that manufacture products in the United States, is a direct contradiction of Conlin’s latest claims. That incentive equals about $10 billion a year for U.S. firms.

Grassley also led delegations of international diplomats and trade representatives on tours of Iowa since 1986 to help bring more economic development opportunities to Iowa. Nearly 70 countries were represented on the 2009 tour. Export-supported jobs in the manufacturing sector account for more than 10 percent of Iowa’s total private-sector employment and more than one-fifth of all manufacturing workers in Iowa depend on exports for jobs, according to the Commerce Department.

Conlin’s latest attack is a reflection of her campaign’s rising desperation as polling shows her trailing by more than 30 points.

“Roxanne Conlin is the one who recently called for higher tariffs that even she admitted would spark an international trade war. Chuck Grassley is working to create more jobs. Roxanne Conlin’s policies would destroy Iowa exports and send millions of American manufacturing jobs overseas,” Woolson said.

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