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September 21st, 2010

Conlin Loses in “Debate” With Self; Offers Deceptive Claim That Millions In Tax Credits Didn’t Make Her Wealthy

U.S. Senate candidate Roxanne Conlin once again deceived Iowa voters on Sunday by claiming she has little to do with the business that has taken millions of dollars in federal tax credits and that those millions have not increased her net worth.

Conlin, who is under fire because she and her husband used $1.28 million in federal stimulus money to pay off the loan on an apartment building they own, held a campaign rally on Sunday in which she claimed to debate herself.

Conlin, who is challenging U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley, spent part of that time speaking to the tax credit issue, noting, “This gives me an opportunity to correct some of the distortions that his campaign has created in terms of what my husband and my son do for a living.”

Grassley campaign spokesman Eric Woolson said today that Conlin is desperately trying to distance herself from her business because her acceptance of federal stimulus money intended to create jobs has become a major political liability.   He noted that the Conlin Properties, Inc. website,  clearly states that the business is “owned and managed by James and Roxanne Conlin, long-time Des Moines area residents.”

“It’s right there for everyone to see. Roxanne Conlin co-owns and manages the company with her husband James. She claimed Sunday that the $64 million in federal tax credits the past 19 years ‘doesn’t come to us,’ but working Iowans know that claim is ridiculous on its face. The Conlins own apartment buildings worth millions of dollars that were built with federal tax credits. The government doesn’t own those buildings – the Conlins do,” Woolson said. “What Iowans don’t appreciate is Roxanne Conlin’s hypocrisy on this issue and the fact she took $1.28 million in federal money and didn’t create a single job with it. The question she needs to answer today is: Mrs. Conlin, when are you going to repay that money that would have put unemployed Americans back to work?”

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