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June 2nd, 2010

Christopher Reed Announces Endorsement of David Beamer

Christopher Reed, Candidate for Congress in the 2nd district of Iowa today announced that he has received the endorsement of David Beamer, the father of American hero Todd Beamer. Todd Beamer was one of the heroes of Flight 93, which was hijacked on September 11, 2001. Todd was famous for uttering the words “Let’s roll” as the heroic passengers of Flight 93 fought the terrorists and subsequently brought the plane down in a field in Shankstown, Pennsylvania. It is believed that Flight 93 was headed for the Capitol or the White House.

Christopher Reed said “I am humbled to receive the endorsement of David Beamer and to have had the opportunity to travel throughout the 2nd District with him this past week during the Reed “Salute To Heroes Tour.” I enjoyed having the opportunity to get to know David on a personal level. His son Todd is a true American hero and an inspiration for each of us every day. David Beamer has worked tirelessly to keep the memory of Todd and the other passengers of Flight 93 alive. I am especially honored that David, who has exhibited such tremendous courage and paid such a high price would come here and endorse me because he knows that I represent the values of Iowa’s 2nd District and I am the true conservative in the race with the best chance to help America take back the House of Representatives. David Beamer is a true patriot. I am honored to receive his endorsement and look forward to victory on June 8.”

David Beamer said “Christopher Reed is a candidate who will uphold the Constitution, not transform it. He believes in fiscal responsibility, rather than spending money that we don’t have. I know that Christopher has the courage to stand by his constituents and his convictions. I am pleased to recommend him and encourage you to send him to Washington. Our United States of America needs a transformation in our representation. Please do your part and vote for Christopher Reed for Congress to represent Iowa’s 2nd District.”

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