March 31st, 2010

China, America – Is There a Difference?

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Written by: Battleground Iowa
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By Emily Geigerchina-america

Yesterday, I read a horribly disturbing story about a small village in China that recently found the bodies of 21 babies on a riverbank that had washed downstream.

Some were probably pre-born. Some appears a few months old. Some still had their hospital ID tags on their little wrists.

The strange thing about this story is that it seems the media is making the story about the fact that a hospital wasn’t disposing of these corpses correctly, not the fact that it appears that about 21 babies were murdered.

I found it especially interesting that the Chinese media is not reporting the gender of the babies. Anyone taking odds that the count of dead little girls greatly outnumbered that of little boys? Of course, you know that’s the case, but no one will say it.

And what about the babies that appeared to be a few months old? They’ve tracked these babies to one particular hospital. Are Chinese officials going to confirm that these children died naturally? Or is there a possibility that some in China are fine with killing children with impunity after they are born just the same as they do before the children are born.

Speaking of China, I recently heard another news story saying that any foreign adoptions happening now pretty much only involve special needs children. While I’m happy these children are getting homes, what is happening to all of the others? Are they just keeping them cooped up in institutions, or are they ending up dead on a river bank, murdered either just before or after birth?

This story of the dead bodies seems so barbaric, but what do we expect from a country that has a policy of slaughtering probably half of their babies in the womb? Are we really surprised by this callousness? Or is it just another symptom from a culture that has almost completely devalued and debased life itself?

And why is this story just a minor blip in the U.S. news media radar? I’m sure part of it is that it is hard to get any facts out of the Chinese government. But could part of it be that we’re really not all that far away from where the Chinese are? We allow children to be murdered up until the moment they are born. We’ve had stories in our own country about aborted babies being born alive and tossed in the garbage, or even of a lone nurse rocking the still living babies who have to be in excruciating pain until the babies just stop breathing.

All of the sudden, China seems a whole lot closer to home.

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