March 17th, 2010

Can Narcisse Get Enough Signatures to get his Name on the Ballot?

JonathanI’m keeping an eye on all the candidates who are submitting their nomination papers. The deadline to do so is this Friday. The most important stories that will come out of this process will have nothing to do with who submitted the most names, but who is retiring for the state legislature. We have already seen Dolores Mertz, Wayne Ford and others announce their retirements. Next week we will have a better idea if Republicans have a chance to win either the House or Senate this fall.

Here are the things that I’m looking for as the filing deadline approaches.

1. Will Jonathan Narcisse be able to meet the petition requirement to place his name on the Democrat primary ballot? I’ve been told time and time again that it will not be a problem, then someone told me that his Facebook status this week was, “If 100 people each get 50 signatures we’ll be good.”

That’s not a good sign, I don’t care what people say. If Narcisse fails to get on the ballot, he instantly becomes irrelevant in the process. In addition to worrying about collecting enough petitions, he also has to be concerned about somebody challenging them. If I was in the Culver camp that’s something I’d do in a heartbeat.

2. There is a little speculation that maybe Brad Zaun doesn’t file to run for Congress in the 3rd district. I understand where people are coming from with this line of thinking, but I just don’t buy it. Zaun will be in, the big question in the 3rd CD is not about Zaun, its about how many candidates will actually be on the ballot.

3. Staying in the 3rd CD, as of right now Gibbons, Funk, and Scott Batcher are on the ballot. I assume both Funk and Ress will make the cut too. That makes for five candidates on the ballot. I tend to think that’s all we are going to get. So will Pat Bertroche be on the ballot? What about some of the other names we have seen? I doubt it.

4. Not much attention has been given to the 1st CD race. There could be three or four candidates on the ballot over there. I think Ben Lange has the most in the works, but with so many unknowns over there, it’s anyone’s ball game.
I think the main thing to watch is Narcisse. All that media attention goes away if he can’t get his name on the ballot.

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