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April 9th, 2010

Branstad to host “Iowa Vision 2020” Policy Conference.

Vision2010Former Governor Terry Branstad just announced at a taping of Iowa Press that he will host a policy conference on May 15th. Branstad said that the goal of the conference is to bring together Iowa leaders in four different areas: economic growth, government reform, family and education.

Policy conferences are not a new concept.  Former Governor Bob Ray held a conference where the idea was floated to eliminate the sales tax on machinery and equipment. After Branstad was elected, he followed through on the idea. which has helped numerous industries in the state. It is also credited for helping start the ethanol industry in Iowa.

Below it the press release from the Branstad campaign.

Branstad plans “Iowa Vision 2020” policy conference
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, April 9, 2010
Contact: Tim Albrecht (515) 276-2266

The event, set for May 15, will invite individuals from across state to explore ideas to lead Iowa into next decade; Branstad will launch 5-week, statewide tour and new “Iowa Vision 2020” web site
(JOHNSTON) – During the taping of today’s Iowa Press, former Gov. Terry Branstad announced he will be hosting a policy conference on May 15, 2010, titled “Iowa Vision 2020,” featuring invited leaders from across the state to discuss policy solutions with the goal of advancing Iowa into the next decade.

To fully explore ideas from Iowans across the state, a new web site has been established:

Additionally, the governor will embark on a 5-week “Iowa Vision 2020 Tour” to gather ideas all across the state in leading up to the event.

“I firmly believe to address our state’s challenges we need new, creative ideas from Iowans working together on the frontlines of these issues,” said Branstad. “I know from experience we have the talent in this state to solve anything and I look forward to hosting this great event.”

The goal of the conference is to bring together Iowa leaders in four different areas: economic growth, government reform, family and education. These leaders will work together in their respective break-out sessions to identify Iowa’s problem areas, and to begin the process of formulating new policy ideas that Gov. Branstad will be able to utilize while in office.

“The conference will be a free-flowing exchange of ideas,” said Governor Branstad 2010 Policy Director Carmine Boal. “Some ideas will be explored further, and some will not. But all ideas will be heard.”

In order to ensure a thorough discussion and explore possible solutions to the challenges Iowa faces, each issue group will have a limited number of participants present, but the ideas from across the state will be incorporated.

“I look forward to taking this tour across the state, gathering ideas for the conference and sharing solutions for how Iowa can advance in the upcoming decade,” said Branstad.

Earlier this year, Branstad announced four goals to be achieved within five years of taking office: 200,000 new private-sector jobs, a 15 percent reduction in the cost of government, a 25 percent increase in family incomes and to again be the nation’s educational leader.

“It is my hope to achieve these benchmarks in five years, but put in place policies that allow Iowa to continue growing well into the next decade,” said Branstad.

For more information on the Governor Branstad 2010 campaign, please visit

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