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October 28th, 2010

Branstad 2010 Committee Eclipses $8 Million Raised

In a clear sign the Governor Branstad 2010 Committee is continuing its momentum heading into the final days of the 2010 election, campaign manager Jeff Boeyink announced the campaign finance report to be filed tomorrow will show more than one half million dollars in funds raised over the Oct. 15 – Oct. 26 reporting period.

“As Iowans count the days until Terry Branstad is once again elected as Iowa’s governor, our broad-based band of more than 13,000 individual contributors continued to show Governor Branstad their support with more than a half million dollars in additional donations.

“This incredible outpouring of additional resources is yet another indication of the wide spread support Governor Branstad has received throughout this campaign from all 99 of Iowa’s counties.

“With more than 13,000 individual contributors, compared to the less than 4,000 contributors to the Culver campaign, Governor Branstad is by every measure the people’s candidate.  And, while Chet Culver has been forced to rely on huge contributions from special interest PACs and out of state individuals, Governor Branstad is proud of the massive support he has received from individual Iowans.

“Iowans know they can’t afford another four years of Chet Culver so they continue to make the extra efforts necessary to ensure the election of Terry Branstad, next Tuesday.”

Here are the campaign’s fundraising numbers through the October 26 reporting period:

  • Funds raised in the last 12 days: $533,244.55
  • Funds raised since inception:  $8,175,020.32
  • Cash on hand: $332,286.28
  • Number of individual contributors:  13,306

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